Recent Case of Havana Syndrome Baffles Scientists, Cuba Regime Downplays

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study earlier this month purportedly documenting another case of Havana Syndrome, a Canadian tourist. A 69-year-old woman was returning from a vacation in the island gulag had to be treated at a hospital upon arrival in Canada. Her symptoms included neurological impairments similar to those suffered [...]

The Trump Administration Should Freeze All Cuban Medical Paroles to the U.S., Family Reunification

As part of its reorientation of policy in the Western Hemisphere, the Trump Administration needs to close every loophole in U.S. law used by Cuba to undermine, supported by Russia and China, U.S. national and security interests. While the number one priority must be to find out what happened to Americans working at the U.S. [...]