Inter American System Needs Fixing, And It Starts at the Top

It is good to see a new generation of conservatives in the Western Hemisphere speak truth to power:

The best way to describe the Organization of American States (OAS) is as the globalist nerve center for Latin America based right in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Guilherme Ferreira Araújo at LifeSiteNews

If you are interested in learning more about the swamp withing the swamp, Ferreira Araújo’s entire post is worth a read. Among other things, he states, correctly, that “driving the OAS bus down the hellish road to a globalist socialist utopia is the Uruguayan politician and OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro. The OAS, like many other international multilateral organizations, has been rotten for decades, but what is amazing is that Mr. Almagro and his globalist cultural Marxist agenda currently have the full support of those who advise President Trump on Latin American affairs.”

I’ve been tracking this international organization since before graduate school. In existence since before the United Nations, it strayed from its core mission decades ago. The Charter is routinely ignored and, at times, they seem to make things up.

With the support of Democrats, Republicans, and an army of Washington, D.C.-based NGOs that make millions from our tax dollars, the OAS engages in sovereignty-eroding experiments that undermine the rule of law and democratic institutions (see MACCIH and CICIES – modeled after the colossal disaster of CICIG).

In 2010 on this blog, I wrote, and have urged U.S. policymakers since, to start with the forensic audit of the OAS and its appendages. I’m recovering, slowly, other OAS-related writings on this blog and shall re-post them. In the meantime, read Ferreira Araújo’s entire post at LifeSiteNews.