Release of American Hostages, a National Imperative

It's great to see U.S. officials continue to keep going the extra mile to secure the release of Americans of unlawfully imprisoned Americans. There are many examples, but I wrote this brief post to highlight one, American hostages in Syria. According to an exclusive report published this weekend in the Wall Street Journal, a high-ranking [...]

The Dirty Secret Great Powers Wish Would go Away: Hostages in Iran

On March 17, 2016, Ms. Nazanin Ratcliffe, a U.K. national, traveled to Iran with her newborn baby girl, Gabriella, to visit her family and celebrate Nowruz, the Iranian new year. Close to four years later, she remains a hostage in Iran. Last week I spoke with Richard Ratcliffe, Nazanin's husband (and Gabriella's dad), who has [...]

Free American Hostages

Liberty is precious and must never be taken for granted. Never allow people, governments, or organizations to meddle with liberty! When they do, hold violators to account, and take concrete steps to remove any obstacles that infringe on fundamental freedoms. For those of us who live in the United States, give thanks. Liberty is the [...]