Keep America Out of Nation-Building in Venezuela

One of Venezuela’s opposition leaders, serving with the title of “ambassador to Colombia,” was removed by Juan Guaido over alleged corruption allegations. Now, returning the favor, he is accusing other opposition leaders of corruption as well. I suspect he will not be the last opposition figure to be called out.

The Trump administration should be very careful with Venezuela’s opposition. It is mostly a grouping of leftist politicians who, at least ideologically, are on the same page as those who control the country. U.S. taxpayers should be leery of getting too involved in Venezuela’s domestic political disputes.

American policymakers should focus on U.S. national and security interests in the Americas such as bringing home American hostages or pressing Russia and China to leave Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. I am glad President Trump has refused to deploy U.S. troops to Venezuela and avoided attempts to push America into a nation-building project.

It’s up to the people of those nations to decide how to manage their affairs. America and other nations can, and in some cases should help, but inspire confidence first. As for the people of Venezuela, are you really interested in socialism-lite? I have yet to read one clear statement about what the opposition will do differently, as far as marshaling natural resources or managing a government. Maybe you can do better.