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Sample op-eds, interviews, and publication

“Defense of Fundamental Rights Require Political Will, Not More Universal Jurisdiction,” Speech, Conference: Universal Jurisdiction and Prevention of Crimes Against Humanity, sponsored by the Universidad Pedro de Valdivia in Santiago, Chile and the Inter American Group for International Justice (Jan. 28, 2021).

“Proposal introduced in Congress to abolish the Electoral College,” Diario las Americas (Jan. 22, 2021).

“Cuban dissident, denied entry to U.S., waits in a Mexican border town as cancer spreads,” NBC News (Sep. 9, 2020).

“Freeze Travel to and from Cuba,” National Review (Apr. 6, 2020).

“Virus fuels calls for sanctions relief on Iran, Venezuela,” Associated Press (Mar. 23, 2020).

“U.S., Iran use Swiss as go-between to negotiate release of Americans held in Iran,” NBC News (Feb. 13, 2020).

“With tensions rising, new focus emerges on Americans jailed in Iran,” The Los Angeles Times (Jan. 5, 2020).

“American student freed from [an] Iranian prison after three years,” The Washington Examiner (Dec. 19, 2019).

“Inside the US-Iran prisoner swap, and what comes next,” Al-Monitor (Dec. 19, 2019).

“The Foley Foundation To Honor Jason Poblete, Anna Therese Day, The Free Burma Rangers, and Ali Soufan,” The Foley Foundation Press Release (Dec. 9, 2019).

“Kansas ties between former congressman and Iranian official help broker prisoner swap,” The Kansas City Star (Dec. 9, 2019).

“Estadounidense Tomeu Vadell es un rehén del régimen de Maduro, consideran abogados,” ADN (Nov. 28, 2019).

“Iran’s hostage factory,” quoted, The Washington Post (Nov. 9, 2019).

“Iran has reinvented the hostage crisis, 40 years later,” quoted, The Washington Post (Nov. 4, 2019).

U.S. Seeks Prisoner Swap With Iran, The Washington Free Beacon (Sep. 28, 2019).

“Trump orders visa ban for family members of Iranian officials,” NBC News (Sep. 25, 2019).

“The Americans Left Behind in Iran,” The Atlantic (Aug. 23, 2019).

“‘Worse than a nightmare’: These oil executives are still detained in Venezuela nearly 2 years later,” CNN (Aug. 4, 2019).

“Exclusive: Iran’s release of Lebanese prisoner was failed overture to U.S.,” Reuters (Jul. 10, 2019).

“Iran releases U.S. permanent resident Nizar Zakka, lawyer says,” NBC News (Jun. 11, 2019).

“Trump administration’s Cuba restrictions seen as drag on its economy,” NBC News (Apr. 19, 2019).

“Families of Americans Held in Iran Push for Trump Meeting,” Real Clear Politics (Mar. 12, 2019).

“Go ahead and sue Cuba, Trump administration tells owners of some nationalized property,” Tampa Bay Times (Mar. 5, 2019).

“The U.S. Senate Scrutinizes Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and Rosa Murillo regime,” La Prensa Nicaragua, interview (Sept. 26, 2018).

“[Iran] Adviser says Iran failed detained U.S. resident,” quoted, Associated Press (Sept. 13, 2018).

“Family of Cuban-American jailed in Cuba for espionage pleads for U.S attorney, consular visits,” NBC News (Sep. 7, 2018).

Television Interview (live) NTN24 Colombia, discussion how U.S. presidents use declarations of national emergencies to advance policy goals, impose economic sanctions (Sept. 11, 2018).

“U.S. Congress Condemns Daniel Ortega and Supports Early Elections in Nicaragua,” La Prensa Nicaragua, interview (Jul. 25, 2018).

Congressional Testimony, House Oversight and Government Reform National Security Subcommittee,  “Holding Cuban Leaders Accountable,” testimony on U.S. legal and policy options such as economic sanctions, visa denials, and other tools to hold accountable perpetrators of atrocity crimes (June 20, 2018).

They lost it all in Cuba. Now Seller Wants $1,500 for their parents’ wedding album,” The Miami Herald, quoted (May 3, 2018).

“ H.R. 244 Accomplishes 50% of the NICA Act,” La Prensa Nicaragua, quoted (Dec. 5, 2017).

“Suffering From Severe Dental Problems, US Resident On “Enforced Hunger Strike” in Evin Prison, Center for Iran Human Rights, quoted (Oct. 4, 2017).

“Iran Upholds Convictions of Iranian-American Father and Son,” The New York Times, quoted (Aug. 28, 2017).

“Venezuela Sanctions: America ‘Will Act’ If Maduro Passes New Constitutional Assembly,” Journal of Export Controls and Sanctions, quoted (July 20, 2017).

“The Odebrecht Contagion,” Law Note, Trade Security Law Journal (July 2017).

Television Interview, Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia), U.S. Citizens & Legal Permanent Resident unlawfully detained in Iran (July 19, 2017).

Television Interview (live), Al Arabiya, discussed the unlawful detention of our client, Mr. Nizar Zakka, in Iran (Nov. 7, 2016).

Television Interview, Channel 4 News (U.K.), recent developments on U.S.-Cuba policy, law and regulatory changes (August 14, 2015).

Television Interview, CNBC (live) interview with Michelle Caruso-Cabrera in front of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC  (July 20, 2015).

“Property Claims Loom As Issue in U.S.-Cuba Normalization,” Center for Responsive Politics, quoted (July 14, 2015).

Interview, Radio Martí; discussed the Request for Precautionary Measures that was filed before the OAS Inter-American Commission for Human Rights on behalf of the Apostolic Movement in Cuba whose homes are being targeted for confiscation by the Cuban government (June 2, 2015).

“Off the ‘Terrorist List’: Cuba, Obama and the US State Department,” Centre for Research Globalization (Canada), cited (Apr. 18, 2015).

“Call Cuba to Account,” National Review Online, op-ed co-authored with Dr. Yleem Poblete (Feb. 27, 2015).

“Sanctions Experts Warns Against ‘Irrational Exuberance,’” The Wall Street Journal, quoted (Feb. 2, 2015).

“U.S.-Cuba Policy: Myth vs Reality,” The Hill newspaper, op-ed co-authored with Dr. Yleem Poblete (Jan. 26, 2015).

“The U.S.-Cuba Deal Heightens the Spy Threat,” The Wall Street Journal, op-ed co-authored with Dr. Yleem Poblete (Jan. 12, 2015).

“Yes, Cuba Is a State Sponsor of Terrorism,” National Review Online, op-ed (Jan. 6, 2015).

Television Interview (Live), CNBC Squawk Box, discussed the latest round of U.S. and E.U. economic sanctions on Russia (July 30, 2014).

“The Battle of Shiloh, Corruption in Ukraine and Things to Come,” Corporate Compliance Insights, Tom Fox, Esq., quoted (Apr. 9, 2014).

“Call Cuba to Account, Obama Should Enforce LIBERTAD as Congress Intended,” National Review Online, Jason and Yleem Poblete (February 27, 2014).

Television Interview (in-studio), CNN en Español, discussed recent developments in the NSA leak case and related legal and political repercussions (December 16, 2013).

Keynote speaker at a conference hosted by the Peruvian Congress and the International Republican Institute, (December 7, 2012, Lima, Peru). Poblete and IRI personnel met in Lima, Peru with Members of the Peruvian Congress and senior staff to discuss the importance of legislative oversight in the American federal system.

“ING pays a record $619 million to settle alleged U.S. sanctions violations,” WorldECR: The Journal of Export Controls and Sanctions, quote, Issue 13 (June 2012). 

KNZR-AM Bakersfield California radio interview, discussed public policy and political developments in Washington, DC and national politics (Jan. 11, 2012).

Speech, “Trading with the Enemy and Other Issues,” Worldwide Partners International, Annual North America Division Meeting, Hyatt Regency hotel, Baltimore, Maryland (Oct. 6, 2009).

Radio Interview, Radio Fides (La Paz, Bolivia); Mr. Oscar Ordoñez interviewed on the current state of political affairs in Honduras and the Obama Administration’s decision to not extend trade preferences to Bolivia (July 7, 2009).

Television Interview, RCN Television Colombia, the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and the U.S. Presidential campaigns (Oct. 22, 2008).

Radio Interview, KRLV-AM, Las Vegas, Nevada; the fall financial situation (Sept. 30, 2008).

Testimony submitted for the record at the request of the Office of Maryland State Senator Alex Mooney to the Maryland Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee in support of Senate Joint Resolution 4; expressing support for U.S./Cuba policy (Hearing, Mar. 20, 2008).

Testified before the Special Political & Decolonization Fourth Committee of the United Nations in New York City (Oct. 2007).

“When Should the U.S. Change Policy Toward Cuba,” Cuba Brief, co-authored with Dr. Jaime Suchlicki, Director, University of Miami’s Institute for Cuba and Cuban-American Studies (Aug. 13, 2007).

“Foreign Terrorist Organizations and the Listing Process in a Post-9/11 Context,” White Paper, George Mason University School of Law, National Security Law seminar, Hon. David Sentelle, Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit (2005).