Forced Immunization and Mandatory Masks for the China Flu, Quackery?

Beware of politicians bearing gifts and cure-alls, especially when it comes in the form of a one-size-fits-all solution for what ails you. Whether it is economic development or public health, informed individuals and families are the best prescriptions. Anything else is usually a form of political quackery, that is really not quackery since we have known, for centuries, that governments usually make matters worse, not better, for liberty conscious peoples the world over.

For example, Virginia Governor Northam, his public health team, and the Democrat-controlled legislature are reportedly considering imposing COVID-19 mandatory or forced vaccination. Other state governments run mostly by Democrats, but not exclusively, are doing the same. A perfect storm may be brewing that will re-open to a broader audience a long-debated policy matter, the legality of forced vaccinations; this is a good thing too.

The Democrats will force the issue regardless. The rest of us need to ready to fend off another power grab and invasion of privacy by the states. An overwhelming majority of Americans should resist mandatory vaccinations, especially until a lot more is known about the China Flu and how it impacts the body. And, it should go without saying, until Americans know the safety of any COVID-19 vaccine, a process that could take as long as 5 or more years, why would they want to risk it if the odds of survival for otherwise healthy people are better than the odds of taking an untested vaccine?

I’m not for or against vaccines. If they work, are safe, and do not cause long-term damage to my body, I’ll take it. Thing is, I’ve been fortunate and only took a flu vaccine once because a former doctor recommended it because I was taking a trip overseas. What a mistake. Not only did not work, but I was sick before I left. It was the first and only time I took the flu vaccine. For now, I have no need to take it and do not intend to start. Just look at the numbers.

The influenza vaccine has never had a 100% success rate. Depending on the year, influenza vaccines can, and do, fail to prevent immunized persons from contracting the flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), assuming we can believe them, the range of success is between 40% and 60%. In an otherwise healthy person with no comorbidities, why risk it?

No one wants to put in their body a chemical that may or may not work, especially not with those odds, on a disease we know little about such as COVID-19. What are vaccine developers putting in these test vaccines? Are vaccine developers using aborted fetal lines to develop the vaccine? Are they using mRNA spike proteins from the HEK-293 cell line? What are risks, verifiable and based on sound science, to the population at large if we do not, or do, mass vaccinate? How about other treatments? And so many more questions.

With survival rate data trending in a positive way, even as testing increases, I’m waiting before rushing off to become a guinea pig for any COVID-19 vaccine. The overwhelming majority of Americans should and likely will do the same. Americans with no comorbidities and who can survive the China Flu if infected should have the choice of whether or not to be immunized. Unless there is something public health experts are keeping from the American people about the China Flu, the data supports choice, not force.

According to CDC data, there are deadlier infectious diseases out there at the ready. We can’t live in fear. We should take precautions, but courage is also needed in these uncertain times. Policymakers also need to lead and stop fearmongering. We need policy solutions, not a punt to the courts, again.

It will also be interesting to see how the case-law of the past 100 years will affect this policy fight, a lot has changed since the Supreme Court ruled in 1905 that forced vaccination is legal sometimes. The Court’s 1905 decision that Massachusetts’s mandatory vaccine program was allowed so long as it had a “real and substantial relation to the protection of the public health and safety,” will likely be challenged. And it is about time.

A review of the Court’s holding in Jacobson v. Commonwealth would be good, it is long overdue; however, this issue should be resolved by policymakers representing the majority will of the American people, and not by unelected judges. This means if you are opposed to the state mandating a vaccine program on you and your children, educate yourself about the laws in your state, and speak up! If you want a free market, pro-liberty solution, now is the time to make your voice heard.

The Left and its special interests, perched in the Democratic Party, have been waging war on liberty since this pandemic started. The Second Amendment, homeschooling, and law enforcement are just some of the areas they’ve targeted for leftward change. They are preparing another assault on individual rights with the China Flu vaccine. Just because you’re skeptical of forced vaccinations, or immunizations, most Americans are, does not make you a conspiracy theorist—quite the opposite. You’re normal. So speak up now.

A WHO official said in June that China Flu/Covid-19 Asymptomatic Transmission Is ‘Very Rare,’ yet she had to walk back her comments after being pressured to do so by fellow scientists. So, which is it? America, indeed the world, needs caution informed with sound science, but the courage to press onward boldly and bravely until we defeat the China Flu.

There is a lot of science to support all sides, some stronger than others. However, the starting point of this discussion should center on individual liberty and choice, not groupthink, and government control. The farther we move from free will, the more skeptical folks like me will be no matter what the experts think. Bloodletting, via parasites such as a leech, for example, was used for centuries for a variety of maladies until it wasn’t. Vaccines are not a cure-all. It is a tool. If someone wants to let go first, make it voluntary, not mandatory. Provide options, not one size fits all.

Start locally, in your home! That is what is most important, not what the government has to say. For the more politically-minded, starting local is also good too. For example, mandatory immunization for the China Flu, for now, will be first dealt with by the states. Although keep an eye on Congress too since they can use the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, and the appropriations power, to essentially make states to adopt forced vaccination policies. Make your voice heard before the statists and the left, joined by some on the right, make their move to force otherwise healthy Americans to engage in mass experimentation that, statistically, is not called for.

Educate yourself and your loved ones about vaccines, masks, and other pandemic managing tools before the politicians muddy the waters as they will undoubtedly do. Politicians from both political parties, and the dueling experts, will rarely agree on one approach. Make your own choices and be skeptical of any “government knows best” approach. Always remember what President Ronald Reagan used to say, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.

N.B., For those of you reading this post from our home state (Commonwealth) of Virginia, Freedom Keepers United is a great place to start your research. Be sure to visit the Freedom Keepers website.