Trumping Leftist Do-Gooders On Venezuela

The left is unhinged, again. This time its Venezuela, a South American nation ravaged from decades of socialist rule, that has sparked another bout of Trump Derangement Syndrome. President Donald Trump is not, as his detractors wrongly allege, leading a right-wing revolt or sending 5,000 troops to occupy Venezuela. The President is doing things that only leaders in places such as North Korea, the Phillippines, or Turkey would do. Frankly, this is nonsense. And if these critics know their history, an idiotic parallel to draw.

The political and economic situation in Venezuela is so bad in that If the USS George H.W. Bush carrier group and a few of our closest allies in the region were to drop anchor in international waters near Venezuela, and do nothing else, that would about do the trick. Do you really think any Venezuela military officer wants to fight Uncle Sam? A lot will run like scalded dogs and, if any patriots are remaining, some will side with the duly-elected leader of Venezuela, Congressional opposition leader Juan Guaidó. The only thing the president and his advisors have said is that all options are on the table. Why telegraph any thing else?

Guaidó took made a near suicidal decision invoking a clause in the Venezuelan constitution that, according to my reading of what they did, operates as a safeguard for incapacitated presidents. Guaidó does not know if this will work, nor do the ideologically diverse members that make up the opposition. Guaidó sensed the time was right and made his move. Leaders do that. They act. Guaidó and his motley crew earned the support of free peoples the world over. And that is the only thing President Trump did last week; he joined an international coalition for the Venezuela opposition.

Decades of hand wringing, think tank conferences, media shows, and ivory tower debates have done nothing to advance the cause of liberty in Latin America, except maybe keep establishment think tanks busy. Meanwhile, Venezuela has lurched to near-failed state status because of Russia, China, and Cuba support. Donald Trump, John Bolton, and Elliott Abrams are not the villains; they are acting in the best interests of the United States and the Western Hemisphere.

The left, the establishment elites and media (right and left), and newcomers in Congress to this debate are attacking the President using failed shibboleths about right-wing interventionism in the Americas. Give me a break. What may be taking place is the dusting off and updating of the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary. If so, kudos to the Trump administration. It is about time America re-asserted itself in the Americas. We’ve been gone for far too long.

Most critics of Trump’s decision to support Guaidó – a leftist who I hope is having second thoughts about his fellow travelers – live in liberty, a luxury the Venezuelan people have not had in decades. It is easy to cast ill-informed aspersions when you don’t have to continually look over your shoulder or worry about where your next meal will come from.

Most people have no idea how events in Venezuela will turn out; especially those of us out here. Such is life. Guaidó and his crew do. Listen to them. The Venezuelan people, along with liberty defenders in Cuba and Nicaragua have, to varying degrees, suffered under totalitarian rule for far too long. The free world should rally in defense of these people and not work to undermine efforts to help them or, as some of Trump’s critics are doing, provide rhetorical aid and comfort to the likes of Russia and China.

For decades Russia and China, and their vassal state Cuba has worked to undermine American national and security interests throughout the Americas. It is time for these meddlers to leave the people of Venezuela in peace. While we are at it, America must redouble efforts to bolster security and economic relationships in Latin America especially in nations where China and Russia have made inroads the past 20 years.

Jason Poblete, many years ago

When President Barack Obama embraced war criminals for several days in Cuba. The same happened when Obama just about hugged Hugo Chavez, another gross violator of human rights. Obama also gushed when he met Daniel Ortega, a dictator and, according to his accusers, a pedophile who has abused several young girls. What did Trump’s critics say when Obama embraced the dictator pantheon of the Americas? I have not checked each and everyone, but it is a safe bet most applauded Obama’s overtures to these left-wing dictators.

What I think bothers Trump’s critics is not necessarily Trump at all. For most of these people, it is what it always is with the left: someone dared to challenge them, pushed back. For decades policy cultural elites gave their backs to liberty movement leaders in Latin America and egged on leaders engaging in socialist experimentation in places such as Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua — the Troika of Tyranny. It also happened in Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and other nations that make up the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).

For the first time in a long time, an American president will try something other than “go along” with the do-gooders of the establishment. That is good.

N.B., another positive development for U.S. foreign policy and influence in the Americas is American energy independence. As a political commodity or pivot point, Venezuelan oil is not as lucrative as it used to be. This gives Uncle Sam much more flexibility and options. Russia and China have a lot more to lose. Billions. And it could not have happened to a nicer pair. That is what they get for making a bad investment.