Miami Herald: Miami billboards accuse cruise ships that sail to Cuba of dealing in confiscated property

From the Miami Herald: “Title IV needs to be used more robustly,” said attorney Jason Poblete. “Everything with Helms-Burton is a question of political will. There has to be the political will to follow through on this.”He said there are at least nine sections of Helms-Burton that have been poorly implemented through the years and [...]

NBC: New head of U.S. embassy in Cuba, Philip Goldberg, faces critical road ahead

From NBC: Jason Poblete, a Washington D.C. attorney with PobleteTamargo LLP, who specializes in export controls and economic sanctions, said this is just a continuation of a long existing policy of improving telecommunications, a process that started in 1992.“We don’t want Great Firewall of China tactics to block access in Cuba,” he said, referring to China’s [...]