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Coronavirus & Politics

Coronavirus & Politics

Assuming affected governments the world over, including the United States, are telling the truth about the Coronavirus pandemic, humanity sure has a lot of work to do. Statistically, the odds are much higher of contracting many other infectious or communicable diseases. It’s no wonder that about a minute of watching broadcast news, I turn it off and go back to the books and law reviews.

The last few weeks should also serve as a sobering reminder of the folly of any nation relying on global governance to prevent or combat outbreaks of panic. Individuals and families, not governments, are the best first line of defense. I, and likely millions of our fellow Americans, could care less about what World Health Organization officials have to say or what other governments may or may not be doing. Of course, Communist China has earned special scrutiny for completely bungling whatever it is they did or failed to do.

Colleagues in China and human rights activists report massive increases in censorship and scores upon scores of gross violations of human rights throughout the country. In other words, it is business as usual for China’s Communist Party elites. If it is true that China is ground zero for this pandemic, China must be held to account. If the Communist Party refuses to cooperate, they must be compelled or even forced to do so. China is lying. So is Iran. Totalitarian regimes always lie because that is how they stay in power and China is no different.

How long have American policymakers known about the Coronavirus outbreak in China? Is the outbreak a naturally-occurring event or was it something else? If it was not a naturally-occurring event, was it an accidental release of a pathogen or was it deliberate? If it was the latter, how is the free world going to hold the bad actors to account? And, most importantly, are American policymakers leveling with the American people about what is coming for America?

Finally, in the reckless tradition of the American Left, a crew that will never “let a serious crisis go to waste,” Democratic policymakers are shamelessly using the pandemic as part of their Never Trump narrative. I guarantee you that if President Trump discovered a cure for the virus they will accuse him of bioengineering the contagion. When President Barack Obama was handed in 2009 the H1N1 flu pandemic the “hysteria factor” was virtually non-existent. Why? Mostly, because Obama is a globalist.

Without any apparent need to do so since he has plenty of people to be the face of the crisis, and to his credit, President Trump has leaned into the matter more than he needed to do with his press conferences. Yet rather than rally and support the President, and advance the nation’s best interests, did the opposite. And the gloom and doom brigade will keep preaching the gospel according to Chicken Little and make President Trump’s life as difficult as they can.

And if I really wanted to make this about politics, I could argue, but I won’t, the Democrats are to blame for the alleged slow response times because they brought the government to an almost standstill for months with a phony impeachment process. Are congressional Democrats going to continue the investigations? Will they rally and help the president or will they remain  obstructionists?

By the way, judging from the press conference, it seems as if the administration has been working on this for several weeks. The President assembled the team, his way. And that is a good thing. It also seems to have a national security thread to it that should remain throughout this process.

Let’s see if Republican policymakers in the House and Senate fare better the next few weeks. For now, with a few exceptions, the Congressional GOP has been politically anemic. The same goes for elected officials in state and local governments and, of course, the media. We need calm and focused leaders, not folks weaponizing a potential humanitarian crisis.

For us, the American people, the Coronavirus hysteria is a reminder that we must always be vigilant and take steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Sleep more and eat well. Practice good hygiene. If you need an emergency crisis plan for your family, educate yourself and take concrete steps to implement it. After you secure your home and family, see if your neighbors need a hand.

If you have to rely on local, state, or federal agencies, odds are you are already at a disadvantage since, if there is a crisis, someone in that cluster of sovereigns may have failed to prevent or contain the problem to being with. If you are interested in politics and can look past the hysteria reporting, pay close attention to all of your elected officials and how they act when under pressure. Come November, it may be time to replace a few of them, including some right here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.