NBC: New head of U.S. embassy in Cuba, Philip Goldberg, faces critical road ahead

From NBC: Jason Poblete, a Washington D.C. attorney with PobleteTamargo LLP, who specializes in export controls and economic sanctions, said this is just a continuation of a long existing policy of improving telecommunications, a process that started in 1992.“We don’t want Great Firewall of China tactics to block access in Cuba,” he said, referring to China’s [...]

Miami Herald, Marco Rubio: ‘Trump will treat Cuba like the dictatorship it is’

From The Miami Herald, “Cuba must be treated for what it is and not, as the Obama administration did, what it wished Cuba were. Cuba remains a Communist, totalitarian police state that allies itself with American adversaries and enemies, including state sponsors of terror and terrorist organizations,” said attorney Jason Poblete of the Washington-based PobleteTamargo [...]

Congress to Tackle Export Controls and Oversight of the Reform Process

In less than two weeks Members of Congress will, finally, join in on the export control reform dialogue that the Obama Administration initiated in August 2009. The Export Control Reform Initiative (ECR Initiative) builds upon an inter-agency review process and is supposed "to enhance U.S. national security and strengthen the United States’ ability to counter threats [...]