Jason I. Poblete

RCP: Can Latinos Boost Trump’s Chances in Florida?

From Susan Crabtree at Real Clear Politics, a closer look at Florida politics and the potential impact of different voter blocs in the state:

“At the Coral Gables Public Library voting site, scenes have resembled makeshift fiestas with cars flying Trump flags and horns honking while Latin music plays in the background. The music group Los Tres de Habana has been showing up at different voting sites, snapping photos with fans. The trio’s popular salsa song, “I’m Going to Vote for Donald Trump,” went viral a few months ago and has been used in several Trump Spanish-language ads. Cuban American social media personality Alex Otaola, who went from supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016 to a strong Trump backer, also visited polling places over the weekend. His Facebook Live show gets 100,000 views a day.”

“This type of enthusiasm for a [Republican presidential candidate] is unprecedented in South Florida,” said Jason Poblete, a veteran Washington D.C. attorney and former GOP staffer on Capitol Hill who grew up in Miami. “Not even during the Reagan years when I was starting out in politics have I seen this much ground game from the Republicans.”

Read Crabtree’s story here.

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