Jason I. Poblete

Nicaragua for Nicaguarans, Not NGOs IOs or Other Foreign Meddlers

Yesterday at the Organization of American States (OAS), I met up with colleagues and friends from Nicaragua and the Nicaragua Diaspora from throughout the United States in Washington, D.C. They were in town to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Nicaragua with U.S. policymakers.

I was not expecting to make remarks but addressed the group for a few minutes. A short clip is attached at the end of this post. My main message: elections are not possible in Nicaragua until the Ortega-Murillo regime steps aside. The electoral commission, a mess, as are the voter rules. Elections are for democracies or free societies where the rule of law safeguards the process. There is no rule of law in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua needs more Nicaragua, less meddling by foreigners, and “in the way” NGOs and IOs who keep fueling the Ortega-Murillo regime and those who keep the regime in power, including some private sector players. That is why the folks gathered at the steps of the OAS were grateful for U.S. sanctions on the regime and urged the Trump administration to keep at it. According to one of the groups that helped organize the gathering, in addition to sanctions:

We support the efforts of American citizens who are victims of the regime in search of justice, such as the relatives of Mr. Eddy Montes, who was murdered while in prison illegally; Mr. Roberto M. Bendana, a resident of Texas, who was unjustly sentenced, for political persecution, to 24 years in prison, illegally accused of organized crime; and the femicide of Dina Carrión in Nicaragua, represented by the Dina Carrion Foundation, duly registered in Florida.

Excerpt provided by the Initiative for Change
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