Arthur Freyre – based in Miami, Florida, Arthur practices law and is involved in South Florida politics. Arthur works as counsel at PobleteTamargo‘s Coral Gables office where he advises individuals and companies on corporate transactions and compliance with state as well as federal  regulations. Arthur has also managed trucking company and has been active in South Florida politics for many years.

Yleem D. Poblete, PhD. – residing in Arlington, Virginia, Yleem is the immediate past Chief of Staff of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

She is a foreign policy professional with two decades of experience and is currently, among other things, keeping busy as a Fellow at the Catholic University of America’s Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies (IPR). Shaped by more than 20 years of government service, Yleem does consulting work with the Poblete Analysis Group, LLC. and brings a unique point of view to a variety of global issues.

You can read some of her other writings at the The Hill, National Review, The Washington Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among others including at the PAG website.

Jason I. Poblete – residing in Arlington, Virginia, Jason co-manages with a good friend PobleteTamargo LLP – a law and public policy firm located in historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. For more than 25 years, Jason has also been involved in local, state, and national Republican Party politics and is a commentator in U.S. and international media.

Although a registered Republican, he calls them out just as much, or even harder than he does the Democrats. Jason offers a unique perspective on the latest policy and political issues by providing no-nonsense and frank opinions that have been shaped by years of study as well as work in the federal government as well as the private sector and in his legal practice.

You can read some of his other writings at the National Review, The American Spectator, The Hill, and The Wall Street Journal, WorldECR: Journal for Export Controls and Economic Sanctions, among others.