About the Dispatches

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

When we started the blog in 2007, The DC Dispatches was a collection of random musings from folks who lived in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. It was a political outlet of sorts for people working in the government, usually non-career politicos, who wanted an outlet to anonymously share thoughts about working in this town.

We slowly carved out a niche based on reader comments and ideas. Our goal then, as it remains today, is to give a targeted group of readers another window on how things really happen in the political and public policy arena.

As I said before, most of our early contributors wanted to remain anonymous. And, if you’ve spent any amount of time in government service, you’ll understand why. Some would have lost their jobs if their identities had been known, others would have been widely unpopular in their offices for coming out politically.

Do not send us classified information. We’re not interested. If you’re a potential whistle-blower, seek legal counsel (we know a few lawyers who can help and we will gladly advise you as we can); however, under no circumstances should be sending us information that is not meant to be in the public domain.

While most of our contributors are ideologically and politically conservative, we welcome posts (i.e., Guest Dispatches) from folks of every ideological and political bent. Be warned: if your on the Left, be ready to defend yourself. There have not been many takers from our friends on the Left, but serious thought pieces or posts will be entertained by the editors.

Politics, public policy, and law-making is a contact sport, but it is not what you necessarily read or hear in the media or Hollywood.  We think it is much less dramatic and ordinary.  At times, it can be downright boring. What you learn from CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABCCBSNBC, talk radio, or read in many political blogs and some newspapers, is just part of the story. Sometimes, it is just plain wrong.

There are differences between politics and governing. Big ones. While you cannot have one without the other, you must sometimes temper the former to advance the common good.  And you can only do that if you have the votes and political support to do so.

In the meantime, spirited debate is a good thing. Like a filter on a coffee maker, once its done, if done right, you’ll always have a fresh brew of ideas. That is what we enjoy doing here for you.

Make your world better, one idea at a time.

P.S., just because there is a lawyer or two posting on this site, nothing posted should be interpreted as “legal advice.” Contact your lawyer for legal issues.