[N.B., While upgrading the blog in 2018, all posts were lost then, mostly, recovered and I have since started re-posting them on this new site. It will take me a few months to restore the older posts].

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. When I started the blog in 2007, The DC Dispatches was a collection of random musings from folks who lived in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area who happened to work in law, government or politics, or a combination of those three.  Friends and colleagues wanted an outlet, an anonymous outlet, so I created one to write about current events and random musings.

I am an attorney in private practice also active, with a few notable breaks, in policymaking and political space for decades. Filled with smart and capable people the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region tends to lean center or center-left ideologically. And, without a doubt, the left in “official Washington” outnumbers conservatives, but that tends to be the case in just about every major capital city in the world. No matter. We manage to co-exist. 

The blog was, and to a certain extent remains, an outlet of sorts for people working in the government, usually non-career politicos, who wanted to post anonymously about working in and about the nation’s capital city. We slowly carved out a niche based on reader comments and ideas. Our goal then, as it remains today, is to give a targeted group of readers another window on how things happen in the political and public policy arena.

Always on the lookout for new, fresh story ideas and angles, please never send us classified information or break any laws attempting to send us information. In doubt? Consult an attorney. If you think you’re a potential whistle-blower, or have information that would be of interest to policymakers, again, seek legal counsel (we know a few lawyers who may be able to help you).

While most of our contributors are ideologically and politically conservative, we welcome posts (i.e., Guest Dispatches) from persons of every ideological and political bent. Some of my best friends and debate colleagues in this town are Democrats. I even know a few self-proclaimed anarchists and a smattering of proud socialists. 

Politics, public policy, and law-making is a (mental) contact sport, although as I updated this page in the summer of 2018, it has also become increasingly less tolerant of opposing points of view. At times, it has also become violent. Regardless, it is not what you necessarily read or hear in the media or, fortunately, much less the Hollywood-produced political drama.

This sort of work, most of the time, can be downright dull. That is good. What you learn from the mainstream news such as CNN, FOX (yes, even this one), MSNBC, ABCCBSNBC, talk radio, or read in some newspapers, is part of the story. Sometimes, it is just plain wrong. A lot of it is entertainment. Now and then, hard news.

There are differences between politics and governing. Big ones. I make an effort on this blog to talk about it. While you cannot have one without the other, you must sometimes temper the former to advance the common good to move product. And you can only do that if you have the votes and political support to do so. We are supposed to keep it civil.

P.S., just because there is a lawyer or two posting on this site, nothing posted should be interpreted as “legal advice.” Contact your lawyer for legal issues. We do not offer legal advice on this website.