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@Bacardi Channels #MAGA!, @_HavanaClub #FakeCubanRum?

Is Bacardi channeling President Trump?

“Pernod Ricard, a French company, continues to partner with the Cuban dictatorship to produce rum under a stolen name. That does not make the Pernod Ricard and Cuban government’s rum brand ‘real,’ or ‘authentic,’ it makes it an impostor.”

#MAGA#FakeCubanRum! Maybe a little #CovFefe? too? I sure hope so.

That statement by a Bacardi spokesman appeared in an article in The Drum, a marketing industry website that tracks the latest and greatest advertising campaigns. Here is the video that sparked Bacardi’s competitor to say something:

Of course, Bacardi is legally spot on. And this advertising campaign is part of a decades-long legal and public relations battle over a trademark. However, it is much more than that. While Bacardi officials would likely never say this on the record, it is about justice. Cuba must right a very old wrong. There is not much the French co-operators of Cuba’s failing rum industry will be able to do about it.

Socialist Cuba stole billions of dollars worth of property from Americans and Cubans after the 1959 Communist takeover. The unlawful confiscations included trademarks, real property (i.e., farmlands, empty lots), homes, artwork, jewelry, cars, and much more. It was likely the most extensive, ideologically motivated confiscation of American and other assets in modern history.

Cuba needs to compensate Americans – mostly working, middle-class families – more than $8 billion it owes them stealing and not paying. There are billions more owed to other persons who were not Americans when the property was stolen as well as court cases for acts of terrorism and gross human rights violations.

Sooner or later, socialist Cuba will be held to account. Access to the US market is a privilege, not a right. Compensation has happened many times throughout history so Cuba would not be the first to be in this jam. China has paid. Russia has paid. So has Vietnam and many other nations who wronged American citizens.

It is great to see a little #MAGA! in this latest volley of the rum wars. I think we will see much more in the months ahead. While they are at it, Bacardi should also add a little #CovFefe!

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