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Gonzalez: Catalonia’s division a lesson in the perils of too much ‘diversity’

Spain is grappling with one of its most contentious political challenges, likely, since the 1970s. Why should you care? You may think, not much. Out of sight. Out of mind. Think again. We have plenty of issues right here in the US of A to contend with, however, as Mike Gonzalez from the Heritage Foundation ably points out in his latest op-ed, there are many valuable lessons Americans can take from Spain’s experiment with diversity politics.

Some will argue that the political issues of Spain’s Catalan challenge are centuries in the making and, sometimes, they would be correct. As Gonzalez discusses, Spain “inherited this problem (before arguably making it worse),” but in the United States he continued, we made it. He’s talking about the political cancer known as identity politics.

The DC Dispatches turns ten next year and, now and then since we started, we have inked a few pieces about the divisive and corrosive effects of identity politics and its many infestations. The Republican Party and the conservative movement should banish any sort of diversity politicking from its political and policymaking arsenal. It is a tool of the left. It is un-American.

When you read Mike’s piece, if California comes to mind, you’re on the right path why you should learn a little more about what is happening in Spain …

Read Mike’s piece here.

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