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Venezuela Regime Propagandizes, Buys Adverstising, in U.S. Media

The #Venezuela regime suppresses the fundamental liberties of its people, yet it uses US media to spread propaganda. Wrong.

Supporters of Liberty for Venezuela are, as a matter of policy, remains directed from Havana, banned from placing advertising in Venezuela papers or what is left of its television stations. There is no independent media in Venezuela. None. Any that remain, of course, tow the Maduro-Castro. If they don’t, they’ll be shut down.

While there is little that we can directly do to Venezuela to respond to media suppression, the United States can, and should deploy tougher economic sanctions targeting anyone who helps what remains of the Maduro-Castro media industrial complex.

Should Venezuela Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials, and others tied to the regime, be sanctioned under U.S. laws to prohibit transactions with U.S. persons, such as the media and K Street lobbyists? The President has the statutory authority to make it so. American taxpayers should afford the Maduro-Castro regime the same courtesies that it extends to American media in Venezuela, none.

Remember that the legitimate Venezuelan Congress was, essentially, shredded by the Maduro-Castro regime. While the chances of any future free and fair elections are nil. The Maduro-Castro regime will use the media, de facto state controlled, to sway all these matters.

The Maduro-Castro regime does not deserve any access to the U.S. market. Access to the U.S. market is a privilege not a right. In the case of Cuba, Venezuela, and a few other regimes, it is a privilege that they forfeited, long ago.

N.B., the following Maduro-Castro regime ad appeared in The Hill newspaper:

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