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America Needs More Patriots, Less D.C. Conspiracy Theorists

What certain Democrats and #NeverTrump Republicans are doing is unpatriotic. They are engaging in political malpractice, conflating issues, and, in some cases they are, hopefully unwittingly, helping Russian intelligence do what it wants to do in the USA, undermine trust in American political institutions. The Russians and the Chinese, and yes allies the Cubans, have been at this since the Cold War. They will never, ever stop.

I’m glad most of these Trump critics were not around during the Cold War because, had they been, it would’ve turned out differently. Some of this is also economics. #Trump is draining the swamp, one day at a time. Things change. Change is hard to accept, especially for the D.C. Establishment that has made a living, for quite a long time, living a certain narrative that put America last. They are threatened not by Trump and the movement, but what it represents: a threat to pro-government statists, socialists. 

If Trump critics were really serious about cracking down on Russian collusion, they’d urge Congress to investigate pay for play foreign policy during the Obama administration. They would urge Congress and, or, the Department of Justice to investigate the Clinton Foundation. For example, how much money flowed from Russian oligarchs to the Clinton Foundation for, among other things, a uranium deal? And so much more. They were living high on the federal trough. It must be exposed. Disclosure laws updated and reformed, including the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and the Lobbying Disclosure Act, among others. 

For friends and colleagues who live far away from the Belly of the Federal Beast, be lucky. You have perspective. Keep being patriotic because, frankly, you need to keep reminding this city that it works for you, not the other way around. Washington D.C. is really low on patriots and this whole business of alleged Russian collusion is a good example of how dangerously petty the Swamp can be. It is what happens when you fail to put America First.

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