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Obama “Gave” Intelligence to Russia, via Communist Cuba

With all the hullabaloo over what President Trump may or may not have shared, verbally and legally, in the Oval Office with Russian officials, some perspective. In addition to prematurely removing Cuba from the state sponsors of terrorism list, President Obama issued an Executive Order that, in the view of some experts, recklessly ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to share sensitive as well as classified information with the Communist Cuban government. There is an excellent piece in The Federalist reminding folks of this checkered action, one of many, that put U.S. national security at risk:

While the Obama administration’s plan to share U.S. intelligence with Cuban spies was immediately opposed by a handful of Republican members of Congress, the intel sharing agreement received scant attention from most mainstream U.S. media sources.

Ignored by the mainstream press. No surprise there. It is no wonder that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and others, are urging President Trump to shut down the daily press briefings for no matter what is said, the establishment press will run whatever narrative does the most political damage to the Trump administration. Hard news, be dammed.

You can read the entire post at The Federalist. By the way, who is Cuba’s number one ally, Russia. In exchange for Russian weapons and other goodies such as cheap or free oil, Cuba offers the Russians a strategic perch in the Western Hemisphere for spying, among other things. President Obama and his national security team knew this and, in essence, by sharing intelligence with the Cuban regime they also pretty much handed it over the Russians as well. That is one of the reasons that Russia never left Cuba. Information.

Yleem and I penned an op-ed in January 2016 for the National Review outlining why removing Cuba from the state sponsors of terror list was a really bad idea. And another one around the same time for The Wall Street Journal, outlining other threats posed by the Communist Cuba regime. Nothing has changed. If anything, the situation with respect to Cuba has grown more complicated.

The good news is that it seems that months ago the Trump administration put a stop to intelligence sharing with the Cuban regime and ordered a bottom-up review of all Obama administration policy toward Cuba and other rogue regimes. And despite what opponents of economic sanctions on Cuba may say, the Russians never left and, thankfully, the nation will soon have a more sober assessment of what is, and is not, in the U.S. national interest with respect to Cuba.


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