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European ‘Refugee,’ Look East

Despite immense political pressure from globalist policy elites, mostly on the Left, Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, seems committed to calling out his political foes who lurk in the shadows of the NGO world. Orbán has a point or two, and western leaders should pay close attention to what he and colleagues in other European nations have to say.
While most of these non-state actors are usually shrugged off as harmless do-gooders, and some really do a whole lot of good, there is small lot that uses the non-profit orbit, supported by the private sector, to sow seeds of trouble. They use, and in some cases abuse the law, to do undermine fundamental freedoms around the world. 
During a speech this weekend, Hungary’s prime minister was blunt, as always:
Globalist politicians, Mr Orban contended, are seeking to “sweep away a democracy of debate and replace it with a democracy of [political] correctness”, where “true power, decisions and influence [are] not held by elected governments, but [by] unelected global networks, media gurus and international organisations.
It is not surprising that leaders from the smaller European nations, enslaved behind the Iron Curtain throughout the Cold War, would be the ones to lead the charge against an overbearing, freedom-suffocating European regulatory superstate.
A vassal state of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Hungary knows a thing or two about dealing with Communists, Socialists, and other fellow travelers. It will likely be a tough political fight, but my money is on these fellows.
Read this Breitbart article: “Hungary will welcome ‘European refugees’ fleeing the multi-cultural west.” The headline refers to a new class of refugees. It is not what you think.
Europe is not dead; however, if the European learned across all sectors of European society fail to heed the advice of leaders steeled in Cold War forges, might as well be. 
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