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Iran Ally Sworn in As Venezuelan Vice President

Had enough news or spin on alleged Russia hacking? Well in other news this week, in Venezuela a Hezbollah ally, a supporter of terrorists in the Americas as well as the Middle East, a friend of Communist Cuba, and alleged drug dealer Tareck El Aissami was sworn in as Vice President of Venezuela.

Hand-picked by Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, likely with the guidance of his main supporter in the region, Raul Castro, El Aissami’s selection is not a coincidence. It has been years in the making with the Iranian regime slowly plotting, and funding with drug money, just about every move.

If you think the Iranian regime has not been meddling in the region, think again. Iran and its proxies were behind the terror attacks in Argentina in the 1990s; Iran opened cultural centers throughout the Hemisphere ever since. The Iranians and Hezbollah also launder terror money in South America as a way to get around U.S. sanctions. And, after Cuba, Venezuela is Iran’s latest special relationship (this is one of the primary reasons Cuba should still be on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list).

It is well document that Iran has been sowing the seeds of terror in the region for decades, well before 09/11/01 terror attacks in the US. The Andean region is a lot less stable today because of El Aissami. If El Aissami were to ever take control of Venezuela, a very real possibility, the free world has just about given the Iranian regime another perch in the Western Hemisphere from which to meddle and spread terror to our friends in the region.

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