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Someone Needs to Remind Cuba That Access to the U.S. Market Is a Privilege, Not a Right

A federal judge in Miami has locked up a merry band of Cubans who were abusing U.S. and Florida laws to create sham marriages to secure entry to the U.S. This case is just one of many concrete examples why the Cuban Adjustment Act needs to be reformed, or replaced, with a better law that makes it tougher for law breakers to abuse immigration laws or rob from the U.S. taxpayer.
Communist Cuba, as official policy, has abused the Cuban Adjustment Act to transplant Cubans in that U.S. who are loyal to the system or, simply, have relatives remaining on the island. Why? Because it is an outdated law that allows them to put people in the U.S., easily secure a green card and stay in the United States without much fuss. As a matter of policy, the law made sense when it was first implemented during the Cold War; however, times have changed and so should that law.
During the course of the last 20 years, regime officials have created a network of willing dupes and innocents that prop up Cuba Castro USA Inc – a constellation of companies and banking transactions that are used to prop up the police state and its leaders. Cuban officials claim that they want the Cuban Adjustment Act repealed. I believe that is just a political smokescreen. They can’t afford a repeal right now. By some estimates, Cuban exiles send more than $1,000,000,000 a year to relatives on the island. That’s $1 billion that could be used in South Florida. Some economists believe that number could be as high as $3.5 billion or about the same amount that Cuba allegedly generates from tourism travel. 
For some odd reason, Republican and Democratic administrations have refused to crack down on these companies which is I’ve been especially critical of my own party for dropping the ball, miserably, on U.S. Cuba policy since December 17, 2014. Al Capone was done in by creative tax force enforcement. We can make a dent on the regime where it hurts them most, their financial network, by locking up criminals in the U.S. that abuse our laws, slap targeted sanctions on regime officials and family members, including human rights abuses, and so much more.
Cuban officials, for example, whine that they do not have any money to pay Americans the $8 billion they owe them for stolen properties the regime never paid for. Cry us a river. The fact is that they have enough, and then some. It is time to hold Cuba to account. Access to the U.S. market is a privilege, not a right. The U.S. must start cracking down on the gaming of the immigration and other laws because, in essence, U.S. nationals are helping underwrite the Putinization of the Cuba and helping prop up a new generation of Communist hardliners.
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