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Congressman Don Beyer Donations Exposed in Latest DNC Hack

We live in Northern Virginia and, politically, in one of the most Democratic counties of the Commonwealth: Arlington. It is the very proud home of the Pentagon, as well as home to a large number of the brave men and women who serve our nation; however, we also have $1 million bus stops and the politicians have not seen a tax that they’ll cut. Quite the opposite. If they see extra money lying around, they’ll use it.

For example, in 2014 the county had a close to $30 million surplus. Rather than refund it or, the horror, cut taxes or return it to the taxpayers, the unchecked Democratic liberal politicos of the county board did as they always do, they spent it! As I’ve said before on this blog, if it were not for the good people of this area, Yleem and I would’ve moved a while ago to another part of Virginia. But everything in life is not politics so, for now, we stay in the political underbelly of the federal beast.

Talking about politics and Arlington County, we learned yesterday that our Congressman, millionaire Democratic liberal Don Beyer, donated close to $2 million to various causes of the Democratic Party in prior election cycles. For his trouble, Congressman Beyer, at the time a car dealership owner, was rewarded with the ambassadorship to Switzerland. This is not unusual.

The donor class in both political parties help raise or give money to their respective causes. As they should. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And, usually, the donations are made without any strings attached. However, in my experience, there are many donors who expect consideration for their troubles.

Could the system be reformed? Yes. It should be a whole lot more transparent; full disclosure up front with absolutely no limits on donations. That should be the gold standard. And, of course, no quid pro quos. That is illegal and it should stay that way. In the case of political ambassador posts, only qualified persons should be put on those posts. And by qualified I mean people who can do more than find their assigned country on a map, such as, speak the language!

The latest DNC leaks revealing alleged pay-to-play diplomacy will probably not amount to much, politically, at least not in Arlington County or Northern Virginia. A millionaire liberal Democrat donating millions to the Democratic Party is par for the course in these parts. There is nothing wrong with that. Sure, politically he is a hypocrite (read all about it from a Virginia vet at the Liberty Zone blog), but there is no crime there. While there will be a Republican on the ticket, Beyer will likely win re-election with 70% or more of the vote. Maybe we should have him pay for one of those bus stops!

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