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The 2016 Political Looking Glass

‘More than a dozen national security and foreign policy experts recently signed a letter stating that Donald Trump is unfit to be commander-in-chief, ‘is this not a devastating indictment’? ‘How can he recover politically with so much of this high-profile criticism coming from noted Republicans such as these, almost weekly?’ It went, it seemed, on and on, and it appeared as if I was peppered with about half a dozen times with similar questions earlier this week.

The reporter was talking but, frankly, by the fourth question I zoned out. The lips moved but I was not really hearing a thing. My mind had gone through the political looking glass. If you’ve ever done a live-to-tape interview in this town, you know that, usually, the questions sound more like a political minefield than a serious attempt to get to a story based on fact. These days, it just another day in official Washington, DC where the media and most of the talking heads remain way out of touch with reality.

This morning I’m reading that about two dozen former Republican National Committee officials are circulating a letter urging the RNC to cut off all money and money-raising efforts to the Trump-Pence campaign. The letter allegedly says he would be the most “reckless president ever.” As my younger political friends would say, get real folks. Let it go. Enough already. As I told that reporter earlier week, with his vast international business background and exposure to people from so many socio-economic backgrounds, Trump is not only prepared to be commander-in-chief, he is a lot more qualified than the current occupant and, frankly, ready to deal with this city than a few Republicans who campaigned for that office and lost.

These quixotic letter-writing campaigns and other NeverTrump efforts are a colossal waste of time. In my book, they are a de facto appendage of the Hillary Clinton campaign. It is driven mostly by disgruntled establishmentarians who either have businesses and are engaging in practice development to, well, generate new business or goodwill with existing clients. Or worse, it is political malpractice by people who are on the outs no matter who wins in November and they are going to pout all the way to the ballot box.

Fellow former RNCer and long-time political operative Mercy Schlapp penned a op-ed in today’s Washington Times, aptly titled, ‘Doom and Gloom Republicans Need to Get on the Trump Train‘. Handing control of the federal government to the Clinton machine, as Mercy says, is dangerous. In my book she, not Trump, is a clear and present danger to the domestic and international well-being of our nation. They are a corrupt lot, have been for decades.

That was the exact thought that came to mind as that television reporter keep hounding me for an answer they could use edit in production to make our party look worse that they are trying to make it look. If you’re a former beltway political Mandarin and can’t find a way to fight with your team, find something else to do. If you cannot see through the political looking glass and envision what this town will become with the Clintons back in power, you’re either a political neophyte, have vested interests you’re protecting or, simply, a poor team player. Rather than focus on these issues, a small but well-funded and vocal group who make a living off regular order are worried that changes, real changes, throughout the bureaucracy will put some of them out of work. Guess what? They would be right.

The latest Clinton scandal is not just about email my friends, it is much more sinister and could involve careerist beltway Republicans too. It is about the wholesale hijacking of the foreign policy establishment by greedy special interests in the U.S. and elsewhere. The Clintons were operating a parallel State Department through the Clinton Foundation. Why? To keep it away from Congress’s oversight powers. Which is yet another reason why the Benghazi Committee was too limited in scope. They were reviewing a consequences, rather than the causes. It was pay for play foreign policy, a felony. The Clinton shenanigans, aided by President Obama, have undermined U.S. interests around the world. This is what Republican operatives should be focusing on so that the top of the ticket can focus on its own messaging.

Political parties exist to win elections. Republicans up and down the ticket need to engage at every level to make sure that Republicans win from the school boards, to the state house, to the big house. I have a lot of faith in our system of government and, more importantly, in the American electorate. And right now a new generation of voter is speaking much louder than any letter-writing campaign by inside the beltway politics ever can. These are the people who the Clinton machine fears the most. And these are the people are party should be focusing on and ignoring the rest.

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