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A Political Cyber War, the New Age of American Politics

It was probably the most Debbie Downer political event of all time. Sure, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) cost millions to produce, but the American people were robbed. Unless you watched gavel to gavel coverage, we were robbed of the opportunity to learn how truly extreme the Democratic Party has become and how it will continue to be for decades to come.

On Day Three, I penned a blog for the American Spectator that, among other things, said:

The Democratic National Convention is teetering on the verge of political disaster for the Clinton campaign. It opened with Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down over the Wikileaks DNC e-mail hack. Despite Sanders’s best efforts, his core supporters are upset, more so since he delivered his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Yelling and other chicanery on the floor have distracted many convention speakers. And, talking about speakers, the Democrats even highlighted a self-professed child abuser, Lena Dunham.

Maybe this was by design? Maybe they don’t want the American people to know how the Democratic Party has devolved from a center left party to an extreme left movement, or as a good friend calls it, America’s Socialist Party?

Conveniently, or depending on your point of view of the world, all by coincidence, the Democrats were under a hack attack, a pernicious bugger that appears to be infecting the computer networks at the DNC, the DCCC, and the Clinton campaign servers.

In other words, the Democrats are under attack by someone, or some group, who really does not like them or their candidate for the highest office in the land. While it could very well be a foreign power, it could also be an inside job. My point in the blog was we should not be so quick to accept the Democratic machine narrative that a foreign government is behind some or all of it.

Several Democratic convention speakers, including Hillary Clinton said many times during the Philly fête that Donald ‪#‎Trump‬ cannot be trusted with America’s nuclear weapon codes. That’s rich coming from a political party that cannot be trusted with e-mail or data security; or from their candidate for president, who ran a parallel State Department off an illegal server in the basement of one of their multi-million dollar residences. But wait, there is more. When cornered by Congressional investigators about the e-mail server, the Clintons, or someone deployed by the Clintons, destroyed evidence by deleting e-mail and who knows what else was done to the server ….

Read more at the American Spectator.

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