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Lynch Must Go, Appoint An Independent Counsel

The more we learn about Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s 30-minute private meeting with former President Bill Clinton, it goes from bad to worse. The Democrats are not even trying to hide the cover up anymore. They’re acting as if all is hunky-dory. Lynch needs to resign and Congress should press for the appointment of an Independent Counsel.

Lynch expressed “regret” that she met with Clinton and that, in hindsight, she would have done differently. That sentiment, while welcome, is too little, too late. She should have kicked Bill Clinton off the plane when she had the chance. It showed really poor judgment on her part, raising doubts about her leadership skills generally. If we can’t trust her to do the right thing in public, what is she doing when people are not watching? 

The Clintons, aided by the Obama machine or political appointees eager to stay in power after January 20, 2017, are making a mockery of our justice system. In the process, they erode the rule of law. It’s time to inject apolitical, adult supervision in this process. The Republican-controlled must also do its part to stop the power grab by the Left that has been underway for years.

From Little Rock to Washington, DC, the Clintons have made a career of gaming the legal and political system. If the Clintons are around legal problems are certain to follow. The Rose Law Firm. Vince Foster. Jennifer Flowers. Monica Lewinsky. Whitewater and so many more. Of course, now we have Emailgate and Benghazi. Bill Clinton boarded that plane for many reasons, including distracting voters from the release of the Congressional oversight committee report. It’s that old Wag the Dog routine from the 1990s, but on steroids.

This, my friends, is bigger than Benghazi (where Americans were slaughtered by Radicalized Islamo-Nazis) or secret e-mail servers — it smells to high heaven of corruption. That stench you smell on this side of the Potomac is real. The Clintons turned the State Department into a money-making machine for the Clinton Foundation, the former President, their daughter, as well the legions who support them. Donald Trump is wrong about Crooked Hillary, it’s bigger than the former Secretary of State. Trump should be saying, the Crooked Clintons.

How did the Clinton Foundation collude with the Department of State and USAID? Was any of it tied to Libya? Who else had access to Clinton e-mail systems, such as Clinton political operatives? There is also a Congressional connection, one that keeps being glossed over and it involves one of the national security oversight Committees. How many documents have been destroyed? Was U.S. foreign policy compromised in other regions of the world via this Clinton foreign policy complex?

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the early 19th century that “[t]he most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.” Those words are as true today as they were back then. If non-lawyers think the law is nothing more than a game that the rich and powerful, such as the Clintons, can manipulate, why should non-lawyers bother to obey the rules?

Appearances, in these matters, can be just as damaging to a case or an investigation as an actual conflict of interest. Lynch’s error in judgement, if that is what is was, is unfortunate and she must go. The Obama Justice Department has demonstrated that it is not above politics, therefore an Independent Counsel is warranted.

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