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Congressional Spectator: The War on Religious Contractors

The following piece ran on the American Spectator website last week. It provides an overview of yet another battle the Left has launched against people of faith.

This is not the first time radicals in the Democratic Party intimidate people of faith. There was the cake baker in Oregon. The Little Sisters of the Poor. The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case. And many more.

Now they want to push religious contractors out of the federal contracts market. Except, this time, people from all religious backgrounds are trying to pre-empt the legions who oppose religious liberty in America:

Federal government contracting is big business, really big. Last year close to half a trillion of your tax dollars were awarded to the private sector to perform services for the government in defense, energy, health, veterans affairs, homeland security, and many other sectors. While that number may seem significant, keep in mind that the overall federal budget is about $4 trillion. And even with conservative estimates, federal employees outnumber manufacturing sector employees by nearly to 2 to 1! In other words, the government remains way too big.

Read the entire op-ed at The American Spectator.

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