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On Whiners and Cowards, and Silverback Gorillas

Cincinnati Zoo officials should be commended for acting decisively, not excoriated for saving the life of human child. Of course, we are entering a post-Obama America. Blame others first, then act. Think? What’s that? The only people who really thought were the zoo keepers who took down the savage, soulless beast.

People, it’s a gorilla. The zoo will buy a new one or, as I expect will happen, someone or some nation will donate a beast, let’s call it, Harambe II. Surely, a grand affair it shall be. A re-opening of sorts to properly welcome our new animal friend. A shiny plaque for Harambe I affixed at a proper place near the pen, will recall the horrors of that, well, fateful day. Who knows, maybe a few candles and balloons will be left at the makeshift shrine.

My friends, this is mad.

In a somewhat Lord of the Flies reaction, animal rights lobby radicals have turned on the zoo and, of course, the parents. The police were dispatched and the district attorney is weighing legal options. No wonder Cincinnati crime rates are soaring. The police and the lawyers can’t seem to get their priorities straight. If anyone should be singled out for special treatment are the whiners.

These are the same people that want to disarm civilians and want all of us co-dependent on state programs that provide cradle to grave care services. They probably drive battery-operated cars. And a large number of this lot are vegetarians because you know, we must be more like the animals. “Put your child on a leash,” I could hear them yelling. Frankly friends, when I was a lad there was no need to rope a child like a dog. My generation knew better. If the gorilla failed to draw first blood, as soon as we were in a private place, someone else surely would.

The one thought that immediately came to my mind when I saw that animal toss the boy about like a rag doll was, what a cowardly lot. Rather than stand on the sidelines gasping, the lot of you, jump in and save the boy! One of our own, a human, was in danger. I guess a dead, paralyzed, or otherwise seriously injured human does not get the rise from people that it used to. That has not stopped the haters from launching a most vile digital lynching of the parents and zoo officials.

As for the bizarre lawsuit threats against the zoo and the parents, someone needs to put all of it on ice. Rather than cave to political pressure from left-wing animal rights groups, those in the position to make it so should put on ice any idea of a lawsuit. That beast had no rights. And in America, animals likely never will, especially when it comes to the safety and well-being of child. I say animals likely will never have rights in America because there are a group of lawyers who have brought cases, on in New York state court, arguing otherwise. Savages. A low in our profession that, I hope, will never be repeated.



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