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Socialism Sank Venezuela, Could Get Much Worse

I’m not sure why I keep subscribing and re-subscribing to the Washington Post. I’ve cancelled my subscription more than once. And it is stories like this one on Venezuela that push me to the edge of canceling it again. Leave it to them to find a twisted way fail to pinpoint for readers the reason: socialism.

The United States and other Western Hemisphere democracies, indeed the entire inter-American system, stood by and allowed Venezuelan leftists to destroy a once thriving nation. Venezuela has been a failed state for some time. That’s not news. The new is that it could have been remedied with U.S. leadership.

For example, had the U.S. imposed comprehensive economic sanctions a decade ago – not the weak targeted sanctions we have today – as well as blocked all Venezuelan oil and oil products from entering the US market, and robustly backed the opposition, the Post would be writing a different headline today or, more likely, not even reporting on it at all

The most the Post could muster was that the situation is a an “entirely man-made catastrophe.” Really? What does that mean? A natural disaster would cause less damage and, to my knowledge, aliens do not exist. Of course its a by-product of failed leadership as is the case anytime socialism, communism, or its ugly cousins form the bases for a government.

Backed by the Cuban Communist Party, Venezuela has lurched towards a political dark age that has resulted massive losses in economic and human capital. Not once does the Post mention this in the story, nor does it discuss gross human rights violations, lack of liberty, or the fact that Venezuela is a police state. On economics, how about corruption? Not once is the word corruption the story. Nor is drug or illegal arms running. Nor is money laundering.

Socialism backed by radicals in Cuba, Russia, Iran, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and elsewhere, is the reason Venezuela, the oil-rich nation is imploding. And with socialism comes the ugly symptoms I just outlined. The situation could become much worse in the weeks ahead. So what is next? How could this become any worse than it already is?

With close to 40% of the population living in poverty expect, at least, a lot more civil strife including riots, food shortages, random acts of violence, and overall lawlessness because people will engage in self help in order to subsist in this Lord of the Flies existence. To our benefit, but to the detriment of a future Venezuela, the brain drain of those economically better off and the educated will continue.

My friends, Venezuela is another Obama administration failure. Had they put U.S. interests first, Venezuela would be in much better shape today. But for these folks Latin America hotspots are like those leftover meals that some people leave in the fridge for way too long. They only pay attention to it when it starts to stink.

The Venezuela crisis is here to stay, for the next administration to deal with as well as the one after. I suspect that no matter who wins in 2016, the Western Hemisphere will be a blip on the policy planning radar. They’ll ignore the region until crisis forces their hand to react and do something about it. If Nicaragua purchasing $80 million worth of military equipment from Russia, including tanks and missiles system fails to register a serious response from U.S. policymakers, I doubt Venezuela imploding will generate much of a blip.

While true that Venezuela troubles pre-date Chavez and Maduro – Venezuela has been governed by Leftists or Left-leaning leaders for a long time – the last decade the U.S., through ambivalence as well as political negligence, has just about abandoned the people of Venezuela. They deserve better. So do the Americas. The Washington Post will never pen any of it. They never have and I doubt they ever will. It is not in their interest to make it so.

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