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Moderate Republicans, You Win. Now Deal With It.

Moderate Republicans, you win. Decades of trying to sounds like conservatives, but governing like moderates or liberals laid the seeds for a Donald Trump win. I also find it richly ironic that a lot of the people who complained about the Tea Party, are the same folks complaining to me about Donald Trump.

Unlike most of you, most, I hope still my friends, who would refuse to vote for a conservative for President, and, indeed, have worked in this town to shut down conservatives in Congress (i.e., called them kooks, religious crazies, etc.), I’ll support the Republican nominee no matter who it is. The party of Lincoln is not one person, but a movement. And there are many ways to influence the process, and people within it.

And, while he may not be a pure conservative, some of his policy stances, if he sticks with them including his tax plan, are just as conservative as anything any of our other candidates put forth. An accomplished businessman, teamed up with an accomplished conservative such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, could make for an interesting four years that shakes up the party, but more importantly, the nation, for the better. 

The electorate has evolved, and the GOP must as well. If we lead with issues, and talk and govern like conservatives, we win. But when we adopt the tactics of the Left to make it so (i.e., identity politics, etc.), and make deals that sacrifice our ideals, we lose. A political earthquake? Possibly.

Then again, for years I’ve  tried to convince myself that the presidency is not as important as it used to be in the overall scheme of things; however, when the Congress fails to do its job, I seriously reconsidered that thinking. Of course eight years of Obama, and a politically flaccid Congress, really puts my theory on ice. Then again, our Republican Congress has failed to do its duty: rein in a lawless executive. Why would they do any better keep a Republican President in line?

We have a golden opportunity to attract a new generation of voters to the GOP. That will never happen if we’re all busy with internecine debates and pointy-headed hat ivory tower scheming. Seriously think about this for a bit, Trump won using his own money, and spent a lot less per voter than everyone else, combined!

If I were part of the the RNC and the political industrial complex perched on K Street and Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, I’d be looking over my shoulder. You have a lot of explaining to do. With the large numbers of elected officials we have across the nation, you still failed to capture and win hearts and minds of a new electorate. I’d like to know why.

A political party will ultimately fail in its mission if all it does, as has been the case for a decade or more, is engage in happy talk. A true political leader has the guts to talk about the not so pleasant things that can happen in the future, so that the body politic can take action in the present to avoid the potential problem.

It is a thankless task and, increasingly, our nation is cursed with an elected class that suffers from an acute case of political myopia. They want to please every one all the time, the future, well, be damned. Straddling the center like a infant does a mother’s bosom, is akin to political seppuku- with a blunt blade no less.

Now that Trump has exposed the GOP’s political guts, the GOP has no choice but to work with him. Conservatives will continue to be alienated unless we push back, and push back hard. This means doing more than writing op-eds or attending conferences. Conservatives were outmaneuvered, as they have been for decades, by the moderate wing of the Republican Party.

HRC is really a bad option for 2016, an empty suit. It’s time to rally and defeat her. I’m confident that Trump can, and probably will, win in November. If the Republicans maintain control of Congress, it will have to keep a very close eye on Trump. If Trump uses that office how Obama has the past eight years, the Congress must reign him in. Fast.

Conservative policymakers also need to find their spines and get back in the business of fighting for what you believe in, rather than just doing the least amount possible to win re-election. Pick your battles, wisely. Go local and find a new crop of leaders to take on these people.

P.S., And conservative #NeverTrump people, grow up. Have some more faith in the system of government that our founders entrusted to us. Some of you sound just like the moderates you’re always complaining about. Besides, we’ve not had a Republican president since Ronald Reagan. Conservatism is a dirty word in America. Always has been. and maybe in my lifetime, always will be. But in the end, we’re right and they are wrong. And we will win.

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