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Catholic Bishop: Good Friday Came Three Days Early

An important fact about the Brussels terrorists attacks lost on most Western media is its religious dimension. I’m not talking about the refusal by the American and European Left to label the attackers what they are radical Islamic jihadists. Rather, I’m referring to the timing. Holy Week is the most solemn time in the year for Christians.

For Catholics of the Roman rite, Holy Week began on Palm Sunday, the day before the brutal attacks in Brussels. Close to 80% of Belgians are Roman Catholic. Catholicism is one of several religions officially recognized by the government. So make no mistake about it, the Brussels attack by radical Islamic terrorists targeting Roman Catholics.

The Auxiliary Bishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Jean Kockerols said “Good Friday has come three days early with these totally absurd actions.” And he would be right. The hyper-secularization of  political matters, a variant of which is an ugly tool of the groupthink culture, political correctness, is blinding policymakers, the media, and indeed all of society, about what has been taking place since before 09/11/01.

The State Department, albeit a few years too late, on Saint Patrick’s Day (appropriate since St. Patrick was invoked against snakes in ancient times) finally declared that there is a genocide taking place, mainly against Christians at the hands of Daesh. Now what? What does the world intend to do about it?

To defeat an enemy as ruthless and determined as radical Islamists, you first need to start calling it what it is. Then you set your mind to do as General George Patton once remarked, “[m]ay God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.” Americans, and judging from reaction in Brussels last week, indeed Europeans, are tired of the double-talking politicians just as much as the attacks. Granted, rare these days is the political or military leader with a clear vision, the ability to articulate that vision, as well as act in an appropriate manner when required to do so. I’m certain such men and women exists, but their views are smothered by a highly toxic culture of political correctness and identity politics or multiculturalism.

While President Obama is correct that we must live life and not allow attacks such as these to be scared to live, he is only half right. Just as the war against Adolf Hitler was a global fight to stop the spread of National Socialism is Europe, and indeed the world, the struggle today is one to defeat radical Islamic fighters that seek to destabilize the greater Middle East and set up a caliphate. It is a dangerous collective that wants to annihilate the Jews and other non-believers, especially Christians and Jews.

In many ways the post-World War II world or international system is hampering the effective execution of this war against radical Islam. The world has been a debate society, rather than action focused machine that were the Allies during World War II. The United Nations, the European Union, and the scores of international organizations and regulatory bodies in existence since 1950s have become a drag on global security. I’m not saying we do away with all of it, although there are certain organizations that have become way too big, we must stop depending on it or this struggle is going to become a great deal more bloody in the years ahead.

In much the same way Winston Churchill spoke of “communist fifth columns” who took orders from the Soviets and that were infecting and threatening Europe during the Cold War, United States and European leaders need to start speaking with a lot more candor about the threat to the civilized world posed by radical Islamists and those who support them. My friends, this is not some ragtag bunch. They are receiving support from state sponsors, nations that must be reminded, with military force if necessary, that there is no place in this world for such behavior.

U.S. taxpayers should never accept a politician or policy expert telling us, something to the effect of, ‘it is a matter of time before it happens here.’ While that may be true, and it needs to be said, what next?! This war is not going to be won with television images of flower and candle memorials or street chalk paintings and balloons; it is going to be won by taking the battle to the enemy once and for all.

Finally, do not be sidetracked by the media spin that these so of attacks are caused by intelligence failures or lack of police cooperation. Or that the prison system is to blame. Those and other red herrings we’re told are the causes for these attacks, is a bunch of malarkey. The cause is a radical Islamists who are waging war on the free world. Any political leader who fails to make that distinction, needs to be voted out of office and replaced with someone who does because anything less puts the world in the wrong frame of mind to do what is necessary to put an end to it.

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