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Congress Knew About Hellfire Missile in Cuba, A Year Ago

IMG_5029For background on this matter, read yesterday’s post. Yesterday I was contacted by several Congressional sources who told me that the Obama administration read in several Members and staff, House and Senate, on the incident. No surprise there. With something as serious as losing a missile to a state sponsor of terrorism, the administration is obligated to share with the Congress.

If this turns out to be true, and I have every reason to believe these people, why did Congress sit on the information? Did the administration ask them not to share? Granted, it could be an ongoing law enforcement matter or other investigation; however, with the many and significant Cuba policy changes last year, sitting on this information was not an option. While no fan of President Obama, attacking the administration on this issue, while you knew about it, is disingenuous.

This story is fascinating since there are several threads Congress could follow. There is the proliferation angle, the U.S.-Cuba policy perspective, as well as the more mundane, but vitally important, the integrity of the U.S. export control system. These and other possibilities should be explored by overseers; however, I doubt that they will unless someone with credible information steps forward to share what they know with the Congress.

So why did the story surface now? Read the Wall Street Journal story. You be the judge. In my book, the story is a well-placed leak. You can’t keep something this serious under wraps for too long in this town. Someone wants us to believe, mistake. Malarkey. Let’s hope more rational heads in Congress are not buying. Keep in mind that an investigation has been ongoing on this matter as far back as Cuba’s de-listing from its well earn spot on the state sponsors of terror list. Whoever in Congress was read in should have said something to colleagues. Going along with the administration, in this case, is not oversight. It’s collusion.

The American taxpayers pays for, and expects aggressive, fulsome oversight in national security matters. Lately all we have is political tumbleweed. Blaming President Obama and his team, well earned as it may be, is not oversight. Besides, you knew. Oversight can be mundane, and it is not easy to do most of the time, but that is what Congress was elected to do. It is not just Cuba that needs attention, Iran, North Korea, the greater Middle East, and the Asia region could a few more investigations.

Remember amigos and amigas, when dealing with matters rooted in the Washington, DC political establishment, always drink upstream from the herd.

More to come …

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