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Democratic Party Bosses Must Modernize, Get With the Times

Mandatory Photo ID for Voting Is Necessary

The war on ballot integrity picks up steam in Virginia with a federal lawsuit later this year. At its core, and similar battles taking place in other states, it is an ugly side of American politics that the Left uses to scare people from voting. Look at this lead in a story in today’s Washington Post:

Virginia’s strict voter-identification law will go on trial in a federal court in Richmond in February, part of a national strategy by Democrats to remove what they say are barriers to voting by African American, Latino and poor voters.

Strict? What an odd word choice, strict. While the Post editors opted for strict, they really meant to say onerous or difficult to follow. However, Virginia’s voter identification law simply requires that a registered voter show a photo ID before voting. If you do not have one of 13 forms of acceptable photo IDs, the Department of Elections will give you, for free, a Virginia Voter Photo ID Card! If you still can’t manage to muster a photo ID by election day, you’re allowed to submit a provisional ballot without an ID.

It is time that the Democratic Party bosses modernize the Democratic Party’s position on Voter ID. Sometimes I wonder who is running that party. They are an odd lot at the top. For example, last year state parties started to change their annual fundraising dinner name from the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner – we have Lincoln Day Dinners – to the Truman Dinners. Why? Political correctness and historical revisionism mostly; however, they should’ve checked out Truman beforehand because he was a coarse fellow prone to racial outbursts.

Tell the Democratic Party bosses in your state to stop fooling around with ballot integrity. The Jim Crow era is long gone and trying to revive that ugly thinking, especially among new Americans that have no idea what that was all about, is simply evil. If you need to show a photo ID before buying a gun, alcohol, opening a bank account, or boarding a plane, and so much more, why not for voting? In less developed nations not only is a photo ID required, but biometrics are as well. It is time our nation put these political boogeymen to bed.

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