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Truth Commissions for Cuba?

According to the Miami Herald:

Ever since Colombian authorities and the nation’s largest guerrilla group began trying to hammer out a peace pact more than three years ago, a looming question has hung over the talks: how to reach a deal that would satisfy the millions of victims of the half-century conflict? On Tuesday, they provided an answer, reaching an accord that will establish a truth commission and a special unit to search for the thousands of disappeared. They also agreed to provide both symbolic and real reparations to the victims.

The breakthrough also ratified a decision made in September to establish special peace tribunals that will sentence all of those who have committed crimes in the context of the conflict: from guerrillas and policemen to politicians and businessmen who might have provided support to the warring factions.

If the Colombia “peace” process warrants a Truth & Reconciliation Commission process, assuming it is legally and correctly structured, then a future Cuba transition does as well (in the case of Cuba, even more so).

Why is it that certain Cuban-American groups, backed by powerful Washington, DC K Street special interests, keep pressing for engagement with Cuba yet refuse to discuss this issue? Before one can address reconciliation, justice, and the procedures to attain it, must be addressed head on.

As for the Colombia peace process, well, we know it is a farce. It is a back door to politically legitimize a terrorist organization that has refused to cease waging terror on the Colombian people. Communist Cuba is using this process to divide and weaken Colombian democracy, as well as undermine U.S. interests in the Western Hemisphere.

Policymakers who fail to see this are either ideologically myopic or complicit; and it goes without saying, none of this is in the US national interest. If the FARC want genuinely want peace, unconditionally surrender, then we can talk politics.

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