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A Free World in Denial. It Will Happen Again. And again.

The West was attacked, again. Rather than help the French people rally, the best our President could muster was a flaccid statement that what happened in Paris was an attack on humanity. Really?

The left can’t handle the new normal. It was on full display in the White House briefing room yesterday evening. François Hollande, up to now, has been no better. Only Angela Merkel seems to understand the gravity of the matter: freedom, not humanity, is under attack (maybe she’ll rethink her immigration policy along those same lines as this crisis can, and should, lead to a rethinking of Europe’s implementation of its open borders policy or the Schengen principles). The only other notable exception, Israel.

The war against radicalized Islamists is far over. This year alone legions of radicalized Islamists struck in every hemisphere of the world. There have been attacks in the Philippines, Cameron, Nigeria, Tunisia, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, France, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Bosnia, Denmark, and, yes, even in the United States. There were more.

If only the leaders of the free world had as much resolve in defeating the enemy as it does, say, about climate change. But they will press ahead with the United Nations Paris Climate Conference at the end of the month where, no doubt, leaders shall make perfunctory statements of remorse and press forward on yet one more silly climate change agreement. These are the same UN bureaucrats who, 14 years after 09/11, have yet to agree on a common definition for the word, terrorism.

As French officials release details on this latest round of Islamic terror, it will be interesting to learn if any of the homicide bombers were recent arrivals or if they had any links to the European immigrant crisis; yet another matter whereEurope has failed.  And if you think the European illegal alien crisis does not impact the United States, think again. Once in Western Europe, potential homicide bombers are a plane ticket away from penetrating our borders.

French President Hollande now, under political pressure, claims France will wage a “pitiless” war against terror. It’s too little too late. Such bravado is understandable, welcome even, but it sorely misses the point. Terror is not the enemy, it is radicalized Islamists. The free and civilized world, for now, is losing that battle. It is a struggle that will take decades to win. With most of the leaders we have these days, it will take a whole lot longer.

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