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  1. Finally caught up on a few of the Sunday talk show interviews we had not seen. Ted Cruz may irritate our former President, as well as a few of his closest pals in the Senate, but he sure can hold his own with the beltway press. And most of my lawyer and lobbyist colleagues really dislike him. Keep an eye on him.
  2. It was also the first time in years I had seen a segment of the Meet the Press. Of all the panelists, was glad to see that Ron Fournier still has an edge. Andrea Mitchell, not quite sure she is the right fit for the Sunday line up. The others did well. Not sure if I will start to watch the show again.
  3. An interesting read at Bearing Drift from the Old Dominion details how Republicans, and I’d add the nation, need to retire the ‘rhetoric of change.’ I may add two more folks to their list of potential GOP leaders that could make it so, but other than that, a good read.
  4. It never fails. Moderate Republicans always seem to have the knack at sounding pragmatic, yet, they can’t resist taking a bite out of their own members to make it so. Alan Greenblatt also says in POLITICO that our party has failed to keep conservatives in line. I think it is the other way around.
  5. On tap this week, will Uncle Joe throw his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination for president? If he does, Republicans best get their act together. Fast.
  6. The country may be $18,000,000,000,000 in debt, but most folks in this town are totally oblivious to it. And that will be the case for some time to come. The most leaders on both sides of the aisle can muster? Hurry and raise the debt ceiling, we are running out of money. See #1.
  7. Oddly, Canada goes Left, but fortunately the trend across the pond is right including wins or moves rightward in Hungary, Portugal, and, heck, even the Swiss and Greeks.
  8. What is Putin’s new Cuba policy? At least, we now know, based on a Cuban official’s non-denial denial, that at least one senior level Cuban general was in Syria recently. This was at Russia’s request. I think there is a lot more there and, as a very good consequence, it could derail President Obama’s odd obsession with normalizing relations with the island. Reports are that the President wants to visit the island in January. Will someone on the Hill pick up the baton?
  9. Americans don’t really care who Republicans select for Speaker. Just do it already. And anyone who comes to that job with preconditions should be passed over. When you commit to public-service you are either in it or you are not. 
  10. Here in Virginia, the space port is finally open for business again. We’re looking forward to many more launches and, hopefully, expansion of the space program throughout the Commonwealth.
  11. Finally, the pig roast is said and done. Surprisingly this year there was not as much politics as usual. Possibly because the crowd, for good, a more politically diverse group. We’re looking forward to the next one, sometime next year when it warms again. Take a look at this photo from the roast (not for the squeamish). We need a caption.
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