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Message and Warning for Virginia Republicans

There is a good message, as well as a warning, in this story for Virginia Republicans:

John T. “Til” Hazel Jr., a prominent Northern Virginia lawyer and developer who helped build Tysons Corner, said politicians and some business leaders were complacently ignoring the danger posed by sequestration. “There’s still major, major refusal by politicians and business to realize that the future is not guaranteed by the growth of the federal government,” Hazel said. The region “won’t get anywhere until we’re able to convince the leadership, political and business, that there’s something that needs to be done,” he said.

While he may never say it this way, what Mr. Hazel is pointing out, as are countless other business leaders in this area, if you build your long-term economic strategy depending disproportionately on federal taxpayer dollars, sooner or later, you’re surely to suffer politically and economically.

When it comes to the politics, it “requires someone to be a leader, not just a rhetorician.” W also need to “[i]gnore the siren song of change for change’s sake and let’s get back to business.”

At a time when both the federal and Virginia governments are raking in record levels of hard-earned tax dollar from all of us, our political leaders seem to be thinking we’re not paying attention. Maybe Shaun Kenney over at the Bearing Drift blog is on to something about what politicos think of us all: “work harder, tax serfs.  Thousands upon thousands of government bureaucrats are depending on you.”

Read the entire Washington Post story, Why the D.C. Area Risks Losing Its Allure to Millennials.

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