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Senator Grassley to Obama: Castro Thumbing Nose at US

The Cuban troops in Syria story is picking up even more political steam. As the week came to a close, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Chuck Grassely (R-Iowa) published a letter that he sent President Obama on the matter:

“Russia’s actions in Syria appear to be in direct contradiction to your statement of more than four years ago that ‘the time has come for President Assad to step aside,’ ” Grassley wrote to the President today.  “And now, Cuba is acting as a military partner to Russia and Assad.  It’s disconcerting that in light of your new relationship with Cuba, the Castro regime has chosen to align with Russia and Iran in supporting Assad in Syria.  You’ve called on Congress to take further actions to engage Cuba and normalize relations.  However, just months after your ‘historic step forward’ the regime of Raul Castro has essentially thumbed its nose at the U.S. by aligning with Russia, Iran and Assad in combating rebel fighters backed by the United States.”

It is great to see that we still have defenders of freedom in the Congress. You can read our earlier two posts on Cuban troops in Syria, including the original University of Miami staff report that started it all, here and here.

Senator Chuck Grassley Letter to President Obama on Cuban Troops in Syria

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