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Around the Americas

  • Government of Peru Told by Hedge Fund, Pay Your Bills and forget about Peruvian laws to protect your interests.
  • US Commerce Secretary Pritzker Goes to Cuba – an embargoed country – to ‘promote US trade’. Odd eh? Next stop, North Korea.
  • Former Argentine Spy Chief allegedly linked to the murder of Iranian terrorist hunter and prosecutor may be hiding in the United States. This may be a red herring. May be not. Anyhow, Nisman’s murderer likely remains in a position of power in Argentina. (Flashback: Prominent American lawyer killed in Caracas earlier this year).
  • Univision, fail. Fusion Lays Off 30. Senator Menendez’s daughter keeps her job, but loses somewhat cheeky pop culture show. Tip: balance your ideological lineup. You’re a leftist mouthpiece.
  • International Left Turns on Its Own, Colombian Prosecutor Calls for Investigation of Alvaro Uribe for (in essence) his opposition to FARC Terrorist Peace Talks
  • Congress trolling the intelligence community, may seek Russia intel fail scapegoat
  • The Left hues and cries when a Republican urges deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, but they are eager to confiscate millions of your guns. Wonder which costs more?
  • Pedophile Abuses Liberal Ecuador Laws to Sneak Back to the UK, Commit Crimes. No surprise here. Rule of Law is a thing of the past in Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, and a growing list of nations in the Americas …
  • Costa Rican Libertarian Leaders, Vice President, Accused of Fraud. Had these officials been leftists, nothing would have happened.
  • Kerry Urges Elections in the Poorest Nation in the Western Hemisphere. Good luck with that. How can you bother with politics when you have little to eat and no running water?
  • China’s Adventurism in the Western Hemisphere Being Derailed? Maybe. But they will try and try again, if the United States allows them to do so.
  • Oppenheimer: Latin America’s Top Problem: Corruption. As it has been, for decades. And how it will be for a long time to come
  • China’s Third Department Huawei Opens Distribution Center in Panama
  • Terrorists Slipping Through the US-Mexico Border
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