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Colombia Peace Process: Theatre of the Politically Absurd

It seems that President Obama dispatching Bernie Aronson as Special Envoy to the Colombian Peace Process earlier this year may be paying off, but at what cost?

Colombian President Santos appears to have been played throughout this process by the FARC and its main ally in the region and puppet master, Communist Cuba. The road to this moment has been very bloody. The Colombian people deserve a break, indeed a permanent break, from close to fifty years of conflict. More than 200,000 people have been killed, mostly at the hands of left-wing terrorist groups such as the FARC. However, the cobbling of peace requires a great deal more than photo ops with recently clean-shaven guayabera-donning terrorists.

War criminal Raul Castro, second from the left, orchestrated thousands of murders during the early phases of the Communist takeover of Cuba. His involvement in Colombia’s peace talks – a conflict fueled by Cuba for decades – is a farce. One wonders if Communist Cuba would agree to a truth and reconciliation process in Cuba for victims of Cuban Communism. If it is good enough for Colombia, why not them? Raul should be the first person put on trial.

A legitimate peace process requires that the FARC terrorists permanently disarm. In addition, all of them must be held to account for crimes against the people of Colombia and, most importantly, they must not be allowed to politically cleanse themselves by allowing them to hold public office. Why not require a complete cease fire and end of hostilities before inking any final deals in Havana?

Judging from the early reports of the truth and reconciliation process that has been agreed to, if it holds, many of these left-wing terrorists will receive the equivalent of get our of jail free card. By the way, the FARC is still dealing in its main money generating activity, the illegal drug trade. Despite assurances to the contrary, FARC terrorists are still engaging in operations.

This farcical peace process, that seems to have been orchestrated by Cuba for one reason, and one reason only, removal from the U.S. State Department of terrorism list, is but another chapter in a play of the Theatre of the Politically Absurd. The U.S. Congress should closely scrutinize whatever it is that the Obama Administration has orchestrated to make sure that it is in the U.S. national interest. These talks impact not just Colombian security and stability, but it will impact regional matters as well.

An interesting sidenote, if Communist Cuba has really helped orchestrate a truth and reconciliation commission process for Colombia, no doubt at Obama’s urging, what about a similar process for the victims of Cuban Communism? Don’t hold your breath … A Communist will do whatever it takes to remain in power, even, as we saw on full display in Cuba this, pretend to be Catholics if it means holding on to power.