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Trump vs. Univision (Trump Will Win)

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, I’ve never seen a political or business figure in recent times that take command of press events like only Trump can do. We’re not used to seeing this because our political elite, over coached by media and political consultants, engage in an odd little dance with reporters where conflict is to be avoided at all cost. While the Trump-Ramos exchange may have been coarse, Ramos went looking for a fight and Trump, fortunately, did not disappoint.

For decades I’ve watched Jorge Ramos on Univision news programs and, without fail, anytime he talks about American politics he becomes an advocate for the left. His bias against conservatives and Republicans is especially pronounced when discussing immigration and his pet project, advocating for amnesty for illegal aliens. Ramos also adds a certain anti-conservative flair when discussing any center-right political party in the Western Hemisphere, including from his ancestral homeland of Mexico. He is a Latin American Leftist and, usually, they view America and to lesser extent Canada, as the source of ills that plague the Americas.

From Wikipedia: A prominent advocate of Reconquista was Chicano activist and adjunct professor Charles Truxillo (1953–2015) of the University of New Mexico (UNM), who envisioned a sovereign Hispanic nation called the República del Norte (Republic of the North) that would encompass Northern Mexico, Baja California, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. He supported the secession of U.S. Southwestern states to form an independent Chicano nation, arguing that the Articles of Confederation gave individual states full sovereignty and thus the legal right to secede.
I wish the hours upon hours of his commentary were available in English. Ramos, especially on immigration, is an advocate not a journalist. Think MSNBC without the political filters, but that would not be fair to MSNBC. Deep down, I think Mr Ramos must harbor political ideas that are similar to those that fuels the radical Mexican separatist thinkers and groups such as MEChA and others seeking a reconquista or re-conquest. The reconquest movement seeks American lands “taken” from Mexico by the United States. These people view the Spanish colonial government the same way that radical black movements view the Founding Fathers, with utter disdain.

To his credit, one that the media will undoubtedly downplay, Mr. Trump re-invited Mr. Ramos to the press conference to ask questions, not grandstand as he was trying to do in the first place by breaking press conference protocols. This is a lot more that can be said by our State Department that, at the request of the Cuban regime, muzzled a Cuban blogger and activist, Rosa Maria Paya. You can read more about Ms. Sanchez’s ordeal with State Department spokesman John Kirby here: Aping Castro: Rosa Maria Paya threatened by U.S. State Department at John Kerry-Bruno Rodriguez press conference.

If Jorge Ramos wants to cater to several media markets (U.S. and Mexico), fine. The free market and American Constitution afford him that ability; however, when he uses his profession, journalism, to advocate for political positions, then be prepared to take some political heat. Ramos’s xenophobic views on immigration have contributed to the bitter tone of the immigration debate in the United Sattes and Latin America. He and a legions of other reporters, academics, activists in the Americas have also elevated a anti-Americanism to an art form. If you want to know why so many new Americans with Latin Ameirca roots are registering to vote as Democrats, these people share part of the blame.  

I did plenty of public affairs interviews on Spanish-Language television over the years and, a few years ago, stopped. Yesterday I was reminded why I am glad that I did. Republicans never receive a fair shake on these shows. Ever. The good news for Spanish-Language media is that there are new organizations being established to compete for this market. The Univision and Telemundo news monopoly will be broken some day, soon, and they’ll have folks like Jorge Ramos to thank for that.

P.S., according to the American Mirror blog, Jorge Ramos’s daughter works for the Hillary Clinton campaign. And, if AM digs a little deeper, they’ll also find out that the Fusion network, there is a reporter who is related to a very senior Democratic Senator. 



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