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Planned Parenthood Must Go Private, No More Taxpayer Money

When a Leftist organization’s leader finds him or herself politically cornered because the facts of an argument do not advance their cause, he or she will eventually engage in the politics of personal destruction. That is exactly what Planned Parenthood’s leader has started to do. And the war of words is only going to get worse as Congress opens a series of investigations to ascertain whether Planned Parenthood sold aborted human body parts in violation of several U.S. laws.

America has a preview of what is in store on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos grilled Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards with unusually pointed questions about whether Planned Parenthood personnel sold aborted human body parts and tissue. The allegations were brought to light by an ongoing investigation by the pro-life group, The Center for Medical Progress. Richards skirted the question and went on the attack.

Faced with two damning videos, at least ten more on the way, as well as a weeks worth of media stories and an angry Congress, Richards has launched a rhetorical war to distract America about what is really taking place at Planned Parenthood centers across the country. Rather than invite transparency and investigate the allegations, Richards defends potentially illegal acts by using potentially slanderous statements.

The true enemy, the culprits if you will, are pro-life activists, not the Planned Parenthood employees caught on video admitting on video to business arrangements that should shock the conscience. How about an audit? An investigation? No. Planned Parenthood is right, everybody else be damned. So in a not surprising move, Richards and Planned Parenthood’s legions on the Left are aiming the echo chamber on the pro-life movement.

The first volley of libelous and defamatory statements began when the first video surfaced. But it shot into high gear this Sunday on during the This Week interview where Richards called pro-lifers, ‘militants’. That word, ‘militant,’ in and of itself, is extremely inflammatory and Stephanopoulos should have stopped her right there and asked her to explain why she is using it. It means, among other things, individuals who use of violence to advance a cause. For you Cold War babies out there, ‘militant’ also happens to be the title of a famous 1920s radical communist newspaper, The Militant

Richards had many talking points at the ready. After she set the scene by labeling pro-lifers as ‘militants, she fired off a series of additional potential falsehoods and even more inflammatory statements. The videos are ‘highly edited,’ she said several times, to entrap doctors. However, the unedited videos have been available online for anyone to access for at least a week.

Richards the accuses The Center for Medical Progress of creating a fake company and filing false tax returns. Stephanopoulos should have pressed her for more facts, but he did not. Refusing to provide explanation about why her employees said what they did on video, Richards stayed on message and went for the political kill: she called the Center for Medical Progress part of the most militant wing of the pro-life movement that is involved with the bombing of abortion clinics and the murdering of doctors.

U.S. taxpayer money must not be spent on abortion or the trade in aborted human body parts. The collection and sale of aborted human body parts is more akin acts undertaken in places such as Communist China, and has no place in the United States. No war of words can hide any of this from the public, no matter what Richards and other Planned Parenthood supporters say. It is an uncomfortable topic, and they know it. And, if they are not careful, not only will the campaign bring Congressional pressure, but could also provoke a reaction from corporate donors.

At least 38 major corporations give to Planned Parenthood. Corporate America with donor programs to this organization should take notice of recent developments, and at least, ask for a full investigation. Shareholders and employees deserve that much. Besides, no matter your views on abortion, Planned Parenthood, and all programs like it belong in the private sector, and not on the federal dole. These groups have become, in essence, a political arm of the Democratic National Committee, just like most of the labor unions.

If Planned Parenthood wants to stay in the healthcare business, it should be fully privately funded. This process should start with Congress cutting all federal funding to Planned Parenthood. It is long overdue. Even better, move a bill stalled in Congress that would ban abortions after 20 weeks.

The IRS should also ascertain whether in light of recently revealed information, Planned Parenthood has damaged its on-profit designation pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code. However, I strongly doubt either option will ever happen, at least not this year.

If the future videos are anywhere near as ghoulish as the first two, Planned Parenthood, and by extension the Democratic Party, is in political trouble throughout the United States. The third video was released this morning:

  • Arthur

    Great post. The one thing I would add is that Planned Parenthood’s reaction is because they understand that the public’s mood toward abortion is weakening. In the last five to ten years, pro-life groups in various states have been successful in framing recent abortion legislation as medical regulations and giving pregnant women the information that they need to make a thoughtful decision.

    Planned Parenthood does not want this. The more information that comes into light about them and their founder Margaret Sanger, the more people will shy away from them, especially in this politically correct environment.

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