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Gov. Jindal: We’re All Americans. Indeed.

The GOP presidential primary contest has barely started, but one thing is certain, the Republican Party will nominate a solid team that will be able to win in 2016.

The GOP not only has a stable of qualified and accomplished leaders, but folks with ideas that can serve to contrast the GOP from whoever the Democrats ultimately nominate.

Consider this new ad from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal; a message and idea that the Republican Party should adopt as its standard for growing Republican majorities:

Truth is the best antiseptic, especially in politics. And hyphenated politics is a bad idea, has been for decades. Eventually, it infects policymaking. It has distorted the American dream for millions. I also think a case can be made that inhibits economic growth and empowerment.

Make no mistake about it, what Jindal is saying is taboo in establishment GOP circles. And the left must be fuming. But it needs to be said and what better messenger than a first generation American who has lived the American dream.

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