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Propping Up A Neo-Communist State and Network in the Americas

The Obama administration, supported by legions of lobbyists and special interest groups that seek closer relations with the Communist government of Cuba, will go down in history as the administration that saved Cuban socialism. Or at least tried to do so. Did they set out to make it so? Time will tell. However, in the near term the President’s December 17th policy shift, coupled with congressional inaction for six months, has provided the regime much-needed political and economic relief that Party leaders are putting to good use to prepare the way for a Russia-like thug state.

There is only one political party in Cuba, the Communist Party. Cuban dictator Raul Castro has repeatedly said that preservation of the Party and Revolutionary are the only reforms that are in consideration for the next few years.

The leaders of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba are very pleased at the state of things. And why not? America gave Party leaders the one thing that they have craved for a long time, political legitimacy or, as the head of the regime calls it, respect. Yes, this is very  Banana Republic. But I’ve learned to expect no more from these people. They are a rotten, selfish, and ideologically bankrupt political movement. If you want to understand why there is so much poverty, lawlessness, and corruption in Latin America, look no further than Havana and the Party and the Revolution.

Now that the Party has its respect, U.S. bank account, a terror state delisting, a shiny embassy on 16th street in Washington, DC, as well as an American embassy in Havana, what does it plan to do with all this good fortune? It will continue to do as it has always done, survive, thrive, and evolve. It will abuse U.S. laws and regulations to siphon as much money as it can from American travelers and businesses. It will use its network, I prefer to call it legions, of non-profits and businesses in the United States to make it so. And, indeed, they will continue to lobby to secure more sanctions-easing concessions from the Obama administration before the 2016 presidential election.

While it is true that once that system crumbles, and it will, Party leaders will join the annals of  history as the most repressive regime in the history of the Western Hemisphere — akin to the Nazi Gestapo and the East German Stasi — in the meantime, Cuba will continue in its anti-Western ways. You see friends, it is not just about a small island 90 miles from our shores. The Party always has, and always will, seek to support its network of anti-American leaders throughout the Americas and the world. These people hate, yes hate, America and all that we stand for. Why do you think leaders from China, Russia, Iran and others flock to Havana?

This kindler and gentler policy that the Obama administration has put in place aims to channel your hard-earned money to Cuba in the form of travel and other forms of economic assistance. Travel to Cuba is what oil is to Iran. They need it, desperately. And, for some odd reason, this administration is hell-bent on helping Cuba, even if it means skirting or violating U.S. law to make it so. If you are seriously considering a trip to Cuba, just wait. Travel is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. The real Cuba, if you manage to break away from the structured travel, is anything but pleasant.

Cuba may not be listed as a state sponsor of terror, but it remains a terrorist state. It is a police state that monitors everything, including foreigners. They harbor fugitives from U.S. law, including people wanted for murder and torture of Americans. There are thousand of Cubans rotting in prison whose only crime was speaking their mind in opposition or resistance to the Communist Party.

And with any Communist or Socialist state, it is morally and ethically bankrupt. It allows minors to engage in prostitution, especially with foreigners. Cuban workers are treated like chattel, not people. It practices tourism and medical apartheid by reserving the best food, housing, and medical care for foreigners, while Cubans suffer through one of the worst humanitarian crises in the Americas. All of this, and more, is the same poison that Cuba continues to spread in other countries of the Western Hemisphere.

Save your money, travel to somewhere else this summer. As for our government, let’s hope the Congress steps up the pressure and brings some sanity to this matter and reigns in this process. Valuable time has been lost and America can do better. And the fact is that Cuba needs access to the U.S, market, America does not need access to Cuba. If they want to live in the political dark ages, so be it. Freedom will eventually smother these folks, in the meantime, America must stand with the future leaders of Cuba that are ready, willing, and able to lead. If the Obama administration cared one iota about freedom, they would find a way to support these people.


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