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Expect More Riots Unless New Leaders Emerge

There is no better manifestation of the overwhelming failure of Leftist social engineering than the raw display the past few days of criminal activity in Baltimore. It should really not come as a surprise, at least if you were born after 1970. There is a political tumor eating away at the very core of the nation’s urban areas; one that should’ve have been removed decades ago by putting in place policies that encourage independence rather than dependence on government and community tax-payer funded programs.

The Great Society and its spawn are destroying destroyed many American cities, including Baltimore. Local, state, and federal social programs have done little to eradicate or alleviate poverty. In Baltimore, for example, according to the Census Bureau, close to 25% of Baltimore City residents live below the poverty level. I suspect the numbers are much worse considering that welfare rates are extremely high, as is unemployment or underemployment, drug addition, crime rates, as well as other social problems that plague America’s urban areas.

Discrimination is not the problem. These communities need economic revitalization, not more government hand outs and forked tongue politicos making hay at the expense of the nation’s poor. Yes, it is the political boogeyman of choice of the American Left, but it does not make it right and they need to be called on it. Economic and class warfare is the Left’s political talisman. They use it to distract Americans from the real issue: failed socialist experiments that they can’t seem to let go of. Why? Political survival.

The Democratic Party has been overrun by pro-government statists and to stay in power, they ‘never let a crisis go to waste,‘ especially when it involves the defense of the welfare super state. Riots? It is the police’s fault. Poverty? Blame the corporations, then punish them, with taxes and regulations. Drug abuse? Blame the CIA. You get the picture. The list goes on and on.

The Left’s next great hope, former Maryland Governor O’Malley, wasted no time making the most of the tragedy unfolding in Baltimore. With fires still smoldering, O’Malley and a new generation of pro-government politicos have descended into the region with “ideas”. O’Malley reportedly cut short, a trip to Europe. What a sacrifice.

Yet it was guilt and political opportunity that forced O’Malley to cut short his European vacation. As the man who was Baltimore’s mayor from 1999-2007, then governor from 2007-2015, he should shoulder the bulk of the political blame for what has happened. As should any other Maryland politico, Republicans included, who support pro-government policies to address societal ills. And it is not just Baltimore.

Any large urban area with high rates of government social spending will see more riots in the year ahead, unless something radical is done to begin to shut down the failed Great Society experiment. The first thing that must be done is electing people to local and state government who have an opportunity agenda of aggressive tax cutting, privatization, and deregulation, and not a government protection agenda.

For a party devoid of ideas, making the most of political crises is a matter of political life and death for the Left and the Democratic Party. It has shown the last decade that they are not willing to change. They will do whatever it takes to keep this failed experiment going, even if it bankrupts the nation and destroys the very thing that has made America great: individualism and free market capitalism.

Finally, no matter what the Left and the media mouthpieces say in the days and weeks and ahead this issues, at the core of the matter, is rule of law problem, not an endemic crisis rooted in race or police brutality. While true that the President and his team have tried to balkanize the nation along racial and economic lines, they’ve encouraged lawlessness, and even abuse of our legal system, to encourage and advance the lawlessness you’re seeing on the streets of Baltimore. Even the EPA Administrator is joining in, encouraging hate-filled rap to advance global warming pseudo science.

Rather than pour millions of dollars in federal assistance to Baltimore, and the request will come, local, state, and federal policymakers should find another way to start extricating itself from the Great Society legacies. They need to cut taxes. De-Regulate. Encourage investment in urban areas. Privatize outdated state-run government programs and services. In other words, get out-of-the-way of the hard-working people of Baltimore so they can take control of their own future.



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