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Snowden Still A Traitor, Now Talks Like a Loser Too

“I would love to go back and face a fair trial, but unfortunately … there is no fair trial available, on offer right now,” Snowden told the Canadian media. Who does this fellow think he is? He’s been in Russia one day too many. He is starting to sound like a RT (Russia Television) correspondent.

The American legal system may have its issues, but it remains the gold standard in jurisprudence. Mr. Snowden has little faith in the American legal system, or so he says, because he distrusts the American people. And, of course, he does not want to go to jail for breaking the law and putting at risk U.S. national security as well as American lives.

Mr. Snowden has set back U.S. national security and, in the process, has set back genuine whistleblowers. As I wrote last year, his traitorous deeds are more akin to a Kim Philby, Ana Belen Montes, or Robert Hannsen than a whistleblower. A whistleblower stays and fights. The traitor runs. Who in their right mind will step up and disclose government abuse in the national security establishment after Mr. Snowden’s Hollywood performance?

Mr. Snowden is living a script, a real ugly one that might as well have been penned by the producers of one of the most politically biased and terrible television legal series ever done, Law & Order. You know the lines. It’s become ubiquitous, especially with the legal shows. No matter what you to do succeed in life, some evil corporation or “the government” will come take it from you or keep you down. It is always somebody else’s fault.

Mr. Snowden is a loser.  With people like him, it is always somebody else’s fault. These types can do no wrong. For a fellow who claims to be so smart, his comments about our legal system make him sound so dumb. So in my book he is not only a traitor, but a big-time loser. And maybe at some point in the not too distant future, the free people of Russia will regain control of that system and send him packing, to Siberia.



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