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The Deeper Issue


There has been for some time now, a calling for a new constitution convention through the states. The procedure is set forth under Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution. The reasoning behind the call is to combat the federal government’s overreach from all three branches. Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments, initiated this call for a constitution convention. That call has been picked up and supported by Retired Sen. Tom Colburn of Oklahoma, and other prominent conservatives such as Mike Huckabee, Sara Palin, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Reining in the federal government’s excess is a laudable goal and Lord knows we need to do that. But, calling for a new constitutional convention will not resolve the problems that our nation faces. Washington’s overreach is not the problem. The problem lies within ourselves. The problem is that we are losing our vigilance through tolerating the bad and becoming apathetic and cynical as a result.

For those who have been reading this blog is familiar with a book that I have cited in the past called, “A Free People’s Suicide” by Os Guinness. The book is not without its flaws, but it is a challenging book to read. Mr. Guinness’ thesis is that a democracy faces three battles. The first battle is the actual revolution. The second battle is the forming of the government and making sure that the rights fought for are protected in their respective constitution. The third and final battle is an eternal vigilance in protecting those rights. This third battle is the toughest of them all, because it is a battle of a society’s will and dedication to protect those rights. For far too long, our society has been resting on the laurels of the past. And those laurels are begging to turn to dust.

We are losing this battle to technocrats that promise good governance through an over reliance on data. We are losing this battle when we tolerate demagoguery in our elected officials. We are losing this battle when we look the other way at politicians’ indiscretion because he or she supports our position. We are losing this battle when we do not value local elections and only vote in federal ones. We are losing this battle for tolerating the idiocy that comes from our colleges through our professors. We are losing this battle when bureaucrats are protected for their incompetence under collective bargaining agreements and are not fired for the consequences of their bad decisions. We are losing this battle when we tolerate the fact that our children cannot learn how to think and instead are being trained like Pavlov’s dogs. The list is long and it can be depressing. As you can see, the corruption does not come from only Washington DC, but it stems from everywhere.

The challenge for us is to become better-informed citizens not through our media, or twitter, but become better thinkers. Test the assumptions, take nothing for granted. Be actively involved in our local communities. Also, let’s not tolerate the things listed above and the other things that we can think of. It is a long and arduous battle, but the battle scars will be worth it.

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