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Former Obama Official on Cuba Talks: “We didn’t want anything in return”

Recent statements by a senior DoD official who served in the Obama administration, if true, further validates that this President is determined to appease rogue regimes such as Iran, Cuba, and North Korea. In the case of Cuba, U.S. interests and the law, be damned:

“This was not a negotiation … [i]n was in fact, a unilateral decision. We didn’t want anything in return,” Dr. Frank Mora said at a conference in Miami covered by The Daily Signal.

I wonder what the family members of victims of Cuban terror would say to him? The current and former political prisoners? Or the thousands of Americans owed billions of dollars for unlawful taking of property or holders of judgments against the regime? What about the Cuban resistance and dissident movement?  But wait, there is more:

“Whatever engagement has been in the past, it’s about time we decide on an agenda besides hiding behind isolation and estrangement,” Mora added.

To his point on “hiding behind isolation and estrangement,” it is, at most, disingenuous.  It is the same argument used by the special interest groups that for decades have sought normalization of relations with the regime.

I sound like a broken record lately on this point: economic sanctions are not U.S. policy. It has been, always will be, a tool. That may have been the case up until the mid-199os, but it all changed with the passage of two key laws: the Cuban Democracy Act of 1992 and the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act of 1996 (Helms-Burton).

The venerable Senator from North Carolina, Jesse Helms, was a champion for freedom and rule of law around the world. He had many detractors, especially on the Left. When it comes to Cuba, he’s had the last laugh as his name is uttered just about every time folks talk about U.S.-Cuba relations. (Photo Credit: Searching for proper credit. will update).

Former Senator Jesse Helms (for you younger ones, see the photo), and others who worked on these solid, forward-looking laws, should be proud their handiwork. It advances U.S. interests, liberty, rule of law, order, and all that is good about America.

For decades the Cuban regime, and those who support them, desperately tried to amending these laws and regulations. They continue to do so today. Why? Because despite that the law was haphazardly enforced, it has worked. It has worked all too well.

Administration officials will never concede the point that appeasement is not a foreign policy virtue. They made a huge mistake with Cuba, as they have with Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and elsewhere. At least in the Cuba case, Dr. Mora’s clarity and candor is welcome.

Let’s see if the Congress can put U.S. interests, and law, back in the driver’s seat instead of the trunk.

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