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WSJ Op-Ed: The U.S.-Cuba Deal Heightens the Spy Threat

The following excerpt is from op-ed by Jason and Yleem Poblete that was published this morning in the Wall Street Journal editorial page:

In addition to freeing three Cuban spies on Dec. 17, President Obama announced additional concessions and sanctions-easing proposals as part of his effort to “normalize” relations with the Castro regime in Cuba. Perhaps most troubling is his administration’s desire to upgrade the U.S. and Cuban diplomatic posts to embassy status and restore full recognition to the dictatorship.

Since at least the 1980s, a number of Cuban nationals accredited as “diplomats” at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, D.C., as well as Cuba’s United Nations Mission in New York, have been expelled for “hostile intelligence activities” against the U.S., according to the State Department.

More recent expulsions have been due to “a pattern of unofficial activities deemed harmful to the United States.” These continuing pursuits by Cuban agents should provide sufficient reason for any responsible policy maker to refrain from normalizing relations.

You can read the entire op-ed at the Wall Street Journal website (subscription may be required). This op-ed supplements a recently published piece in the National Review Online, “Yes, Cuba is a State Sponsor of Terrorism“.

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